Help: IPTV Channels not showing after upgrading to Open ATV 6.3


Hi All,

i currently use a Vu+ Duo2 set top box for streaming IPTV channnels only (No satellite), i have just upgraded my image to Open ATV 6.3 combined with Wooshbuild infinity plugin as i prefer the skyQ skin. After this upgrade, i installed and configured my IPTV channels using details provided by my IPTV provider but unfortunately NONE of the channels are showing/streaming even with their respective EPG present.

I was tempted to report this glitch to my IPTV provider but then i realized that all the channels were streaming/showing onthe IPTV SMARTERS app on my phone using the same details from the provider. Then, i concluded the problem must be coming from the box and not the IPTV provider.

Has anyone ever experienced similar problem? if so, i would appreciate it if you can share your solution to this technical abd also, i welcome any other suggestions that might be helpful

i look forward to hearing from you all

thank you

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Xtream Codes website taken down page 1 mate if using zgemma xtream editor xtream TV you maybe be better just using on android with the events what happens yesterday with xc a lot of people using boxes have encountered no channels so if you have a firestick I would suggest using that


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you should remove the name of your iptv provider as it's against the rules that so? sorry i am a newbie to this site and this is actually my first post. Is it possible for me to edit my posted initial message?