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    Help: IPTV Channels not showing after upgrading to Open ATV 6.3

    Hi All, i currently use a Vu+ Duo2 set top box for streaming IPTV channnels only (No satellite), i have just upgraded my image to Open ATV 6.3 combined with Wooshbuild infinity plugin as i prefer the skyQ skin. After this upgrade, i installed and configured my IPTV channels using details...
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    IPTV... help!!

    just recently purchase this IPTV was all working fine. Last 3 days.. Day 1 only channels I was getting was Formula 1. Spoke to my provider who said must be something my end, Internet needs to be really good. Checked my internet and said there was a fault outside so sky booked an engineer Day 2...
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    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
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    IPTV won't load playlist on my LG tv

    Hi please help I paid a guy to put a playlist on my lg tv, it was working fine but now iptv won't load the channels for me and the guy I paid is nowhere to be found how do I get my playlist to load
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    Where to find IPTV m3u line for Openbox v8s

    I want to know where I can find IPTV m3u for Openbox v8s. I tired one on my Openbox but it didn't work, It just had a black screen with 0 kbps on the side. I tried everywhere. Where do these people get IPTV from?
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    Most cost effective way of accessing blocked channels?

    Hi, What is the most cost effective way of being able to watch IPTV when the PL is on? I have set up IPTV for the odd friend and family member and I'm a bit baffled with how to get the channels when PL is on. Some people have said getting a 2nd router will do the trick and other people have...
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    lost all iptv channels

    hi,i accidentally changed the skin on my zgemma star 2s box from sky to virgin,when i changed it back all my channels had disappeared off my box.is they a way to get them back or will i have to buy a new iptv sub? any help will be appreciated.
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    IPTV Sport Channls M3u Playlist 16/07/2017

    Iptv sport channels M3u Playlist can be used on programs as VLC Media, Smart TVs. And / or any other device that supports m3u files. Get it from here: http://www.technicalforweb.com
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    Fresh IPTV BEIN Sport m3u platlist + other Sport channels

    Download IPTV beINSport FROM HERE -->Download Link
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    free iptv beinsport m3u

    Download free iptv beinsport m3u channels works for long period of time. Get it from here: http://www.iptvm3uplaylists.download If you think this post was helpful, please drop a comment bellow.
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    New Iptv Bein Sports m3u playlist [free download]

    New iptv m3u bein sport is now available for free, download it from here : http://www.technicalforweb.com
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    Looking for good IPTV Supplier

    Hi all, please message me if you can help. I have a few requirements; I use Zgemma H.2S with slyk skin, Open ATV. I want the full sky menus as with my old cline. So assume m3u link required then a tidy up with E-channelizer? I would like all UK sky channels and Box office. Vod not necessary...