how to convert usb to fat32


having to reinstall wooshbuild for zgemma box and to remove the old software i had to convert back to normal to delete everything on the usb, now im struggling to convert it back to fat32, ive tried using the cmd way but it sayd failed because the device is too big, ive tried download a software but my security on the laptop wont allow it to work, how can i convert it? ive done it once before but that was over a year ago now i cant remember how i did it.

the reaper

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You can re-format a usb stick to FAT32 by plugging it into your pc/laptop--go to files and locate the usb [normally shown as E drive---right click on mouse--scroll down to format then left click and follow instructions.
You can only format upto 32gb stick in this method.


Yes, but recent versions of Windows will not let you do so without help, as they only options they offer for a memory stick of that size are NTFS and ExFAT. Windows 7 was the last one to offer FAT32 as a partition type on large memory sticks.

To format a 64 GB USB stick or flash memory card as FAT 32 using Windows 8.x or 10, you need to use one of the third party utilities.


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I once formatted a 1 Seagate hard drive with a utility that willo has posted in resources, think it might be called Boutice or something similar