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  1. W

    Convert CCTV Camera from Battery to mains

    wrong area, please remove, have posted in correct section
  2. F

    how to convert usb to fat32

    having to reinstall wooshbuild for zgemma box and to remove the old software i had to convert back to normal to delete everything on the usb, now im struggling to convert it back to fat32, ive tried using the cmd way but it sayd failed because the device is too big, ive tried download a software...
  3. Evil1

    Bouquet to m3u converter

    I was looking for a bouquet to m3u converter (without success), so I wrote one. I did however find plenty of m3u to bouquet converters. Screenshots of the bouquet(s) before and after, if anyone has any interest in this, let me know and I will upload it. I wrote this to allow me to move...