How to set up both with echannelizwe bouquets and epg


Ive been following this. it gets to the part of bouquets, import m3u, playlist, and i dont know what im supposed to be doing because it doesnt tell you. any help?
Do you have an m3u file for your Iptv, or are they already in bouquets, ie a script from your supplier?
Follow the video for m3u, or if a script you will already have the channels on your box if you have putty'd it over correctly.

Once you have the list or bouquets, make as many bouquets as you want and split the channels as you want. Then follow the vid again to put in channel info.

This was also successful for me adding French and German epg data.

At the end Don't forget to clear all standard bouquets, reboot, then rescan abm.