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If this were true it.......


Deleted, at user's request.
...would be true love wouldnt it ?Anyway check it out...[YOUTUBE]zjh9mJL-NYY[/YOUTUBE] Moh is gone soppy lol


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Why wasnt she wearing a helmet in the first place?
He must`nt have loved her that much :eyebrow:


Deleted, at user's request.
I thought the same ray when i first saw this video i kind of got carried away with my thoughts on this one but this scenario didn't happen but it was good to see peoples reactions to this is thought provoking though :)


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Look what you`ve started moh ROFL
A conspiracy theory :grimacing:

I think the chap was suicidal :loco:


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If he had time to ask for a hug, ask her to say "I love you" and put a helmet on off him then the pillock had time to slow the bike down surely? but as said, if this were true ;)


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nice moh.

but common sense tells me other wise. but theres romantics out there & good things do happen.:)