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iptv on zgemma h7c, help needed


hi guys, as the slow end to virmin is upon us im wanting to set up a stable, reliable iptv service on my zgemma h7c box, how do i do this as im a complete rookie on iptv?
thanks in advance guys


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All whats going off virmin is hd sports as far as I'm aware of nothing else unless you know something we don't as for iptv there's many different ways you can have it set up there extrema tv extreme codes there's suls script username and password can't exactly pin point which one you should choose have a look through iptv section loads of threads


brilliant cheers guys, i think im going to go the xtreme editor route , ive just installed it now, can anyone provide the link for the request a line forum page, im having trouble finding it.


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I would probably install Wooshbuild Infinity and use the suls plugin. You would need a supplier that can give you an m3u url and epg url for this method. Post what you are looking for in the link bazcfc1 has put above. This is just my preference, there are alternate methods if you have a look at the IPTV forums.