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IPTV Server Request Thread - November/ December/ January 2020/21


Hi, I’m looking for an additional line that provides all including EPL, 3pm KO, PPV, with full VOD 12months. 2 connections. Test lines required. Using android TV and fire HD so own apps are downloadable. The provider for my other line isn’t responding to my request which is why I’m looking for a new provider.
Thanks in advance


Hi, Unfortunately i have to find a new supplier after 3 years.
Looking for reliable long term supplier (not reseller) with full UK Sly and 3pm kickoffs with iFollow. VOD not important
For use on Android (xstream) Smarters etc and enigma2 M3U and EPG Urls.
No VPN preferred and test/trial reqd.
Long term posters only please.


Seeking sub that allows XC and/or m3u. Android box. MAC address is possible but not preferred.
Looking for the following UK channels in HD or better:

ITV 1-4
Channel 4
Channel 5
Sky Arts
BBC News
BBC World News

EPL/EFL 50/60 fps

Priority given to subs that have at least two HD sources for each channel.

Looking for free trials. Don't need it for more than an hour to check quality of content.

I'm in America so need sub to be as reliable as possible between source and me.

On my wish list, but not a requirement:

NFL/NBA/MLB 60 fps

VOD is not important.
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Hi all. Looking for a reliable Plex service with epic levels of content along with 4k content. Would like to have the service shared with my account rather than via code as have other servers I need to access also. Cheers.



Looking for an IPTV Package, 1/3/6 month plans if possible please.

Will be running on a VU+ Duo 4K SE box, Enigma2.

Package to include:

- Full UK Package (including Sly channels)
- EU channels (not essential)
- Catchup (not essential
- VOD (not essential)

I'm looking for quality HD viewing, with a stable connection, which doesn't require VPN (willing to implement VPN if needed).



Wanting an IPTV service for Amazon stick. DON'T MESSAGE ME IF YOU DON'T HIT THE CRITERIA BELOW. I wish something would be done about the amount of people who send PMs on here to everyone even if their service isn't the fit for the person. I've been on here a while - check my sign up date. My previous supplier of a few years that kept an incredibly well run zgemma service has disappeared into the oblivion, and I haven't been able to find anyone as reliable on IPTV yet, so I'm keen on anyone who has a smaller supplier base. These services fantastic... but aren't too great when they lag or go down the minute Man Utd are playing :sob: I'll be trying out a few test lines so if your service is a pants don't bother as I won't end up buying it.

I'm after two lines, probably for 3 or 6 months.

Package/things necessary:

- Has been up a while/an established service.
- A trial. Hopefully a few days as 24 hour is not long enough IMO for someone buying a 6 month service.
- I have a VPN so don't mind about that.
- Full UK Package (including Sly channels)
- Catchup (not essential)
- VOD (not essential)
- Football.
- HD/FHD/Lots of options in the event of one going down.


Hi Guys, Im wanting a IPTV service for a trial including when football is on ,Prefer more than 24hrs please, Firestick 4k .
Must Have.
Full UK package
All 3pm Football (only 30 sec delay)
All EFL + EPL matches including 3PM kickoffs incuding ( Ifollow 1-2 )
Providers own app?
No VPN preferred and test/trial reqd.Deffo
stb emu pro?
No resellers
Support 24/7
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Looking for an IPTV Package;

Will be running on a firestick using SIPTV

Package to include:

- Full UK Package (including Sly channels)
- All Indian Channels


Mr. Jailer

In need of trial:

- All UK channels HD

- Football: EPL, 3pm KO, Championship football Club Channels, European Leagues.

- Serials: English / Asian / Turkish etc with Subtitles.

- PPV.

- Full VOD (but not important).

- No VPN needed.

- Reliable non-buffering service.

Box: Xiaomi Mi Box S.

App: You provide download link and instructions to input credentials for thorough trial - looking for 6 month minimum sub.