Losing Bouquets on Restart


The bouquets and epg on my H2S come from a variety of sources. I use crossepg for satellite, e-channelizer for sly IPTV and epgimport/iptv sub provider scripts for all other IPTV. I spent some considerable time setting the epg up exactly how I wanted, this involved renaming certain bouquets, deleting others and purging, and re-ordering.

The results were great, exactly how I wanted it to look. However, from this point there is a problem. When I restart my H2S the following happens;
  • All satellite bouquets do not appear (apart from wooshbuild)
  • All E-Channelizer bouquets do not appear
  • Only 3 of approx. 7 IPTV bouquets appear
  • Of the above, the bouquets which do appear and were previously renamed, display as original name.
  • Also of the above, IPTV bouquets which I deleted and purged, are displayed.
I've seen this issue in the past but never bothered to look in to a solution, rather just re-flashed to last working image. Thought it was about time I tried again.

I connected to the h2s via SFTP and had a look at files within etc/enigma2. What I noticed was the majority of my bouquets had .del extensions. In addition, userbouquet.favourite.tv is missing most of my bouquets.

Next, I go to the favourites menu on the zgemma and despite purging all deleted bouquets prior to rebooting, I have the option to restore deleted bouquets. Once I do this, all satellite, e-channelizer and iptv provider bouquets return. Not in the right order, mind, nor have they retained the names I renamed them to.

Now I can rename and reorder the bouquets and restart the h2s and everything starts back up again as it should. However, if I delete any unwanted bouquets and restart, I lose them all over again.

My suspicion is that the issue is triggered by my IPTV providers scripts or epgimport during system start-up.

This morning when ABM automatically ran, it timed-out, which is not something I have experienced prior to this issue.

Has anyone else seen this issue, and would be willing to assist in working on a solution?