Magic TV Music channel issue VM


Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having issues with Magic TV music channel using VM zgemma.

I have tried other lines and still having issues with this one channel. Thought it was provider but seems to be the same (or worse) when using other lines

I have checked cables and restarted all routers and boxes.

The issue is that it glitches every 30 seconds or so and it really annoying trying to listen to music.

Its not a channel I watch but have just listened to two whitney tracks with no glitches.

unlikely to be the same with multiple providers, could be cable or splitters, I've got same issue on ss F1, main box is fine, box in bedroom is just black screen, bring that box downstairs and it works perfectly. Checked connections going into box and they are good so only other thing can be is either splitter in brown box outside or damaged cable.
Tried in two different locations and still get the same result :-/ . Family members with a line from the same provider have the same issue which made me think it was a line issue, but after trying a few different lines, i still get the same result (if not worse)
Yh tried a different line on theirs and get the same results. Leads me to think that it is a regional issue, but surely I can not be the only person in manchester 41048 to have noticed this issue . Same results on KISS and 4music.