1. coozer

    Networking Issue?

    I have a fairly straight forward setup as follows.. Vm router, incoming 400mb internet.. .0.1 Then a WRT vpn enabled router which is .1.1 most things are plugged into this or I use the vpn enabled wifi... I have a cable from 1.1 going to my pub shed in the garden, its 55m long.. the cable is...
  2. M

    Suitable data cabinet

    Was hoping to pick up a cheap one on gumtree but looks like I'll have to order one online. Im at a loss on size i need. Ive got a 16 port switch, 16 cat 6 cables Ive got a hikvision nvr, 4 cat 6 cables Hdmi matrix 4 cat6 cables Surge power 6 gang Satellite receiver WWhat size of unit am i...
  3. Dar1437

    Beware iPhone Cables

    Why You Should Stop Using Other People’s iPhone Cables
  4. NKidd_14

    Cable Help Reflashing H7C

    Hi guys, after a bit of help here please. My old mans Zgemma H7C had an issue where when he turned it on, it got stuck on -49- , i had a look on here and saw that it required a reflash. So, i formatted the usb and added open vix 5.4.009, inserted it in the back and pressed the white button...
  5. cactikid

    mini display port adapter

    New mini pc has a mini display port and monitor has a display port so was looking for an adapter to hook up which leaves my hdmi free,found this but unsure?? Rankie Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter, 4K: Computers & Accessories MINIX NEO N42C-4, Intel Pentium Mini PC...
  6. W

    Formuler z7+/z8

    Hi guys currently have both boxes in title. I also have two cable boxes. I have the tv tuners for these formuler boxes.I was wondering how i install a softcam to use the box to watch cable? Looking to clear out some space on tv cabinet. Usb tuners can do freeview and cable according to the box
  7. thegil

    Find your ideal cable provider 2020-04-21

    This may help you find your ideal provider. (Not saying fully correct) but has helped me.
  8. C

    Zgemma H2H Issues

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I know this has been asked a million times but after hours of searching through forums I am giving up and asking the question. So I was having issues with my image (no pause or record function) so decided to flash to a new image (Open PLi 7.2) apart...
  9. P

    Mini Display Port

    Hello guys, I'm planning to use my iMac 27in as an external display for the PC which I'm building. My iMac has a mini display port and the graphics card has a display port. I have seen that you can switch between the 2. Just need advise on what cable I require as I can I see mini DP to DP, would...
  10. W

    Bt sport

    Is there something going on with bt sport channels the disappeared from boquet then xame back worked and now on bts1hd message saying factual channels have moved. 2&3 not clearing. Theres a bt sport 1hd hidden clearing but its epg is wrong and not scanned into boquet.
  11. W

    Newcamd issue

    hi guys looking for info took a trial for a new backup line. Provider is getting this issue when i am connected on his panel. Newcamd (unknown please report) any ideas whats causing it thanks
  12. W

    New box

    Ho guys looking for opinions/help have a h5.2tc box is starting to play up not finding hdd and usb freezing lots when going through menu. need a cable box preferably twin tuner . so far reasonable price i have seen gigablue x2 can pick your tuners. any help would be appreciated.
  13. al dae it pal


    Hi there av got a wee problem where some epg isn't populating . Cable Sub . Here is what av selected in epg importer . Here is a wee picture that might help its more channels than the photo shows . Cheers .
  14. al dae it pal

    Will This Work Ok Coaxial Feed

    Hi am making the switch to cable am wondering if this splitters fine . Picture Below Don't Worry am using compression fittings no the screw type :) Second question am using proper VM Coaxial is this ok to use ? Cheers .
  15. al dae it pal

    Is there a better box for the money ?

    Hi . Am currently using the zgemma H9S 4k box . But want a box with virgin media connections . Budget around £150-£200 Was thinking zgemma H7C or is there a better box ? . Any input welcome cheers .
  16. T

    Best Device For IPTV Where Satellite Dish Can Also Be Used

    Hey guys. After substantial research and speaking to a lot of the pros on here it was advised that at the moment one of the best devices to get IPTV on was the Amazon 4k Firestick. However I completely forgot to mention at the time that I have a satellite dish and also a cable tuner, and...
  17. W

    All channels freezing

    Hi guys, Having an issues were all my channels have suddenly started to stutter in 00002 net id. Channels i have never had an issue with like the sports are freezing. Nothing in my setup has changed and i have checked all connection to make sure no loose connections. Have reflashed both boxes...
  18. C

    Setup advice for newbie to cable CS

    Hi all I know this sounds a bit crazy but I have a full sub with Vermin. I wanted to get a box in my son's bedroom when he moves back home but they are talking stupid money. They say it is because we are on a heavily discounted deal and cannot upgrade until the deal expires or pay the...
  19. W

    Softcam Manager

    Hi, just having some trouble with setting up an Octagon SF8008. Everything has flashed fine but i cannot access or see softcam manager to activate/enable the line. I have tried to install the softcam feed file from Wilo'sdownload but nothing still shows up and when installing says done-installed...
  20. chris-manch

    Sat, Cable, IPTV - recommendation for a suitable box

    This doesn't seem to fit well in any of the forums so here goes. I currently have VM Cable (200Mbps) and a Sky Dish (single LNB) connected to a Freesat Box. I also have a touring Caravan, and as terrestrial reception is often dire where I go to in UK, I have a portable Satellite dish which I...