Making a slave drive


I've bought a second hard drive for my comp but I cannot remember how the cap on the pins on the back of each drive should be set. The last time I did this there were markings on the drives ( M, S etc) these marking are not on the drives I have now can you please help. Thanks.


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I assume you are referring to an IDE drive on a dual ribbon cable?

All IDE drives carry a diagram indentifying the correct pin\jumper configuration for slave, master, CS Etc.

Are you saying yours was removed or was never there? What make model drive is it?

You don't have many options to try (Normally four positions or a fifth were the jumper is removed altogether) so you can just try the four available positions with the drive connected to the second connector on the ribbon cable until it is seen in the drive management console, it won't damage the drive if you get it wrong ;)



Brilliant the video is exactly what I needed. Working okay now ( I was looking in the wrong place).
Many thanks for your help.