My Poorly Bearded dragon


My poor Oscar has not been very well and been to vets a few times over the last week. He was sick last week so i took him to vets as its very unsual for BD's to be ill especially being sick. Vets took xray and noticed he had lumps. Took blood samples but they came back inconclusive, so he was booked in today for a biopsy. I have now got to wait a week or so for the results. Vet does not think its cancer but a problem with his liver.
He has not eaten over the last few days and beardies are known for not drinking much either. He is on antibiotics as well as supplements until we know more. He is almost 7 yrs old - which is old in a dragons life.

So ive been a bit preoccupied with Oscar being poorly along with the new snakes ect. Its been quite a challenging couple weeks what with pc problems as well.
will keep you upto date once i have more news

Linny :(
Keep the chin up Linny, It all sounds positive tho & I'm sure they will sort it.

thanks peeps. he means so much to me. if you have cats n dogs then youll know what i mean. i can have just as many cuddles from him - mabe not in the same way but!
noely thnaks but unfortunatly that is not going to happen.

just got him back from vets and its bad news. He does have Cancer and weve grought him home with stitches underneath. vet thouht it best that we fetch him home and spend what little time we have left with him.

so i wont be around for afew days going to spend as muc htime as we can with him before the man upstairs decided its time to go. :(
That is devastating news Linny.

I really do feel your pain friend, as I'm sure all the others do too.

Remember too, that your little buddy has obviously one of the most caring owners a pet could have & you know you are doing everything possible to make things well.

Hold that thought Linny, you are not responsible for situations beyond your control.

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Linny, im really really sorry to hear that.
But he couldnt be in better hands and as G said one of the most caring owners a pet could have.
We`ll all be thinking of you linny.
ah Linny I'm really really sad to hear this news, can't say anything more other than no pet could wish for a better owner, so sorry will be thinking of you. A.
Linny, that is so very sad.

Its obvious from the posts before, that everyone is thinking of you.

Take care for now.

thanks for your kind words. after afew hours of tears and after hubby came home and i spoke to him both me and george have calmed down a bit now.
well i did do until i came up to turn lappy off and saw this, and started again :(

Oscar has had another loving cuddle and looks so sad.
Going to let him rest and sleep in his own home and just see how he goes in the next few days/weeks.
Had a chance also to look at the report that was faxed thro to vet as we stood there. its all in medical terms and probably latin, so will need to look up some of the words to see if i can understand what they actually mean.
We know its Cancer because vet told us. My vet is a good bloke, thanksfully over the years he has only seen Oscar a few times.He is also our shop vet and we know him quite well.

The receptionist also gave me a bill, its not quite finished yet as the cost for the results from the lab have got to be added and thats over £90. So far bill is around the £700 mark. Not sure what my insurance will pay, but at this moment in time it does not mater, as Oscar and his health are priceless,and my vet is not asking for any payment at the moment.

So Eva if your reading this not sure if Reiki or anything works on animals but its worth a try!

Thanks again for your support and words, and i will keep you uptodate with how he is doing.

Linny :mini lizard:
Thinking of you Linny, Eva is on Hols but said she will send reiki, chin up dear thats all I can say :(
sorry linny my dog milly is 13 and i would be heartbroken if anything happened to her.take care.
an update for you.

On saturday i made an appt for the vets with a view to doing whats right for Oscar.

After going there today and speaking to vet its been decided that he is still doing well and not showing signs of stress or feeling pain. He seems to have perked up a bit and still wants to run around. Hes not eating but is having supplements. Vet said as long as we are happy to "look after him" and do what ever is needed then he cant see why he cant stay at home with us for a little longer.

I have spend since last week making myself ill etc and had almost come to terms with what we thought we were going to do, but then when your pet suddenly starts to perk up you feel guilty for even thinking about doing anything.
I am so glad that we have made the decision to give him extra time. Its taken a weight off of us. We are doing what the vets feels is best
We will just have to see how he goes. if we feel he is going down hill then that will be the time to call it a day.BUT until then we will just spend more time with him and let him do as he usually does.

So today im happier that i have been over the last few days. We know the day Will come but for now just enjoying our time together.
thanks for your support and words. and i will let you know when the time does come.

As you can imagine my pc problems are wey at the bottom of my list now, so for give me if im not around much over the next month or so
Linny :)
Just a quick hello to let you know we are all bating for you. :)

Hope you and your friend are doing well Linny. (y)