Nagra 3 Explained in Layman's terms


thanks for that explaination it was actuly quite brilliant and explains the problems ive been havin recently :)


thanks, well detailed info. hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. good luck and sit tight everyone. its a shame some of us we are going to miss the start of the football season.


nagra 3

[Well done Siggy,
I found your explanation to be the best yet. I too bought a Starview6 Lan last week after all the channels disappeared on my Eurovox Max box. And like you wasted money. I tried to get an explanation from the suppliers Skywonder but wasted my time there too. They just palmed me off to other Forums like Closet etc but were extremely reluctant to divulge any information on whether this new unit would give me any more channels than my £19 Goodmans digibox.
As it stands just now I get more channels on the cheapo box.
Hopefully as you expressed we can get a solution to Nagra3. Fingers crossed.
In the meantime thanks again for your fine explanation. Well done.


well said mate, i am one of those people, who you talk about who just sits back, and lets the geniuses do there work,
you have explained this brilliantly, and should be a moderator. well done mate.