Nagra 3 Explained in Layman's terms

Daddy Pugs

Very Helpful thanks from a Newbie in The House

Excellently worded, even newbies and non techies can understand that great work


Nice one siggy thanks, excellent explanation now lets wait and see.

I have been informed the following have been running for some time
and still running now.

S/V 6 LAN and HD Combo LAN still working with lan connection,
anybody with any info on this lot.
Also S/V 7 out there now with carling 1.02 what is this.

Am i correct would like some comments on this pleaseeeee!!


Cheers SIGGY I just got a box off a mate and was told codes come out all the time. Now that I know that some clever guys out there will break this I guess iwill just have to wait and watch just the basic channels


At last...

Thankyou Siggy...
At last somebody talking sense. Will look forward to your updates.

BTW.... do you know of anyway to get round N3 with a card?? One of my boxes has a card slot & I have heard rumours!!!

Thanks again (y)


There is a new card slot box out !! however; it iz still bein tested!! i'l let u guys know when the box is capable of nag3!!!


Thanks. This was a very informative thread. I can now explain to my neighbour why his box isn't working and that he's gonna have to make do with standard channels for a little while... lol


I understand now,but a number of friends have the starview 7 this seems 2 have all channels working fine and i believe that if it goes off at any time it can be updated straight away 2 tone a box with all channels, if nagra 3 working how can this be, these boxes must be connected to b/band and cable2 work?


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The starview7 works on cardshare :(

Have a read through the starview and kryptview threads, theres lots of info there on the boxes that work.