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Ok to fit ethernet cable over roof to back of house?


Remember if you do buy this cable and
Need to fit the rj45plugs if you have to cut
The cable You need a crimping tool and tester
Fitted the plugs myself it can be tricky enough

You don't need to crimp a plug on your cable. Just use RJ45 sockets (in a backbox) and a cable to connect socket to your device. You can get sockets that don't even need an IDC punchdown tool. Either screws (like chocolate bloc) or snap down. CPC sell them.

I would always use a cable in preference to something like TP-Link. Much faster and more reliable.


Hi all. I'm hoping someone can give me their opinion on the following?..
I need to get an ethernet cable from the modem in the top room at the front of my house to a room at the top of the back of the house - It's not ideal to have the cable go through the house so my idea was to get someone to drill through to the loft then over to the back room - the person I asked to do the work suggested putting the cable over the roof (it's a terrace house), along the side of the back addition, then into the back room via the window frame. I also need another ethernet cable to go into a downstairs back room, and he suggested getting a splitter box for this - the box would be attached to the outside of the wall of the back addition.
So I'm not sure if I can get a splitter box that can be fitted safely to the exterior of a house? I'm also not sure it's a good idea to have a cable go over a high pitched roof. - it could be complicated (and potentially disastrous!) to drill through ceilings to have the cable go through the loft but if done safely might be the better option?
Thanks in advance for any ideas / opinions!
you can't use a splitter box to have 1 cable in and 2 out you would need an ethernet switch which works via electric