OpenBox Channels List Sky 28.2e **NEW**

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Hi all, just wandered if someone can assist. I am using this channel list on my Openbox V8s. I have a satellite sub (for multiple box's) which seems to work ok on my zgemma H2H but not on the Openbox. Some channels like BT Sport 3 clear on the Openbox but others like BT Sport 1 and 2 do not. The Openbox has an ethernet connection via a DLink plug.

Steve irvine

OpenBox New Channels List Sky 28.2e
26/2/19 NEW

Instructions for installing this list
This will probably work for most Openbox/Skybox models

1. Extract the downloaded file & copy contents (TP_PROG.dbs) to USB drive formated to fat32.
2. Plug the usb drive into the box.
3. Press menu on the remote and go to 'Edit Channel' and delete all your channels.
4. Exit back from the 'Edit Channel' menu and go to the 'Tools' menu
5. Select 'Upgrade by USB'.
6. In the next Window that pops up, use arrow keys to change top line to 'MISC FILES'
7. Move down to 'SELECT AND UPGRADE'
8. A new window opens, select 'TP_PROG.dbs' press green button to place a tick by it and then press Yellow button to upgrade
9. If the box asks you to confirm anything just press Yes.
10. Reboot box & Enjoy