openvpn guide for this box - dsayers builder. i see openvpn under network


What von provider is it? The script is for various VPN,s but there's also a manual guide that's similar for most VPN,s
I have Digibit, which I saw in the first reply on the link, that it wasn't supported. Has there been a new guide or method for this since?


There is no dropbox link for the generator site.

Follow the guide from New beta OpenVPN script generator in the first post
Ok, I've tried following the above, but when I try to select a location from the plugins, I just get an error message in German?


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Ok can you ftp media/hdd/Digibit you should see a list of folders for each country. Go in one of the countries and you should see a conf file and auth.txt check auth.txt has the correct username and password.

Also if you used the generator site on mobile check it hasn't added a space after username and password as mobiles are a pain for doing that.


I received the same error after selecting location, even though it say VPN is running but ip address doesn't change at all, do I need login details or my VPN details account, this is with purevpn by the way