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Other O/S OS being dumbed down for the Tablet/Phone OS Gen


Anyone noticed how most OS seem to be getting dumbed down over the years. We get or lose I should say so many options and lose basic info and features.

I blame the Tablet/Phone OS Generation.

You even see it on most PC games these days with fewer menus and options and basic slide and picture prompts.

I think we will reach a point where most people won't realise they have lost the freedom to do most basic features or change and look at certain settings because they have forgotten the ability to do so ever existed.

I think the likes of Windows and MacOS reached a peak about 10 year ago and have been dumbed down ever since. They all seem to be about taking control away from the end user now and keeping everything within a portal that they can control.

I dread to think the state the internet will be in another 10 years - probably some dumbed down government controlled app that everyone uses in a controlled portal where you see what they want and not what you want, the illusion will be that you will think it's all normal because you've been slowly force fed it for decades.