Peak 802 wireless bb router

have a google,
if nothing comes back, plug it into your PC
disconnect your PC from your normal network, enter the IP address of router,
and see what settings you can disable etc,
turning off DHCP and stuff like that,
on the old style white sly routers that was about the only setting you needed to turn off,
the one thing you could try, is just plug your current router into a LAN port on it and see if that works,
some models of Hauwei routers work fine simply by doing that, it basically just sees the main router and your PC as 2 different things on the same network.
when I was with talktalk business they kept sending me out a new router neverytime I rang to complain about the service dropping out,
or anything else for that matter
I think I had about 8or9 at one point, I gave some away once I had reconfigured them for friends
I've got some still on my network, along with an old cable router, and a cheapo 5 port switch someone gave me

my biggest mistake was dumping an openreach modem by error at the start of last year, :cry:
Also remember i have got a dvd drive external one for sale/withdrawn as will reuse,thought i had a keyboard and mouse need to use with new pc and creative sound blaster. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: what else i need hmm