1. cactikid

    Peak 802 wireless bb router

    No network switches to hand but have found this old one to hand. - New 802.11N Router and Adapter for PEAK Never converted one to a switch so unsure if it is suitable.Cheers.
  2. D

    modem router

    Hi Guys, I have a little bit of information about the modem router. Can you guys please tell me more about the modem router? And also, please guide me where I can buy the best modem router.
  3. G

    home plugs/ wi fi

    hi all, i have vm and 100mb in the room where the hub is i get the full whack on phone or laptop via wi fi, upstairs there is 2 pc's mine if plug home plug direct to pc get a max 29 if i plug it into a router i get a max 30mb. my sons pc in next bedroom gets 60mb via wifi, and my pc is a more...
  4. E

    Limiting time on internet

    Besides changing the password, is there a way to limit my child's time on the internet using some settings on my router? I have a Vodafone Ireland router.
  5. Chess010

    Whole house wifi

    Can anyone recommend best way to ensure gaining solid wifi signal throughout 4 bedroom house such that do not get dropping out of signal. am getting family grief from this happening despite various extenders setup throughout house. should I get new router or modem? If so recommended makes and...
  6. basejumper

    Wi-Fi analyzer for your mobile phone or tablet 2019-12-01

    Wifi Analyzer is a handy tool which helps you to select a better channel for your wireless router. It turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer! Latest version Nov 2019
  7. J

    Remote VPN Control Device, Router ?? app enabIed. Is there anything.

    Hi all, was hoping if any of you could help me. My father currently uses IPTV to view his channels, though, being from the UK there is 3 pm isp weekend block on his subscription. Of course, the only way to bypass this is to use a VPN service. though, because my father is not tech savvy and...
  8. K

    should i change my mag 254 to 322 ? and i need a new router

    hi there , im a nobrainer in tec ;-) so i need some advice first do i gain anything if i change my mag 254 to 322 ? i have an old linksys ea2750 and whant a knew , but im stocked in reading "best in test" so any recomadations for a router to iptv . my connetion is 300 Mbps down and 15 Mbps...
  9. bazcfc1

    Liberty shield vpn router

    I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used a liberty shield vpn router pre configured so it's just a case of plug and play I paid £13.99 from one of forum sponsors Its due to arrive sometime today below is what it says about it on amazon and just after people's thoughts Description Our Lite...
  10. rapture_ni

    Help with dd-wrt and pia setup

    So my service has fell victim to the dreaded IP block when main events and decent football is on.. I had a Linksys e2500 laying around and have flashed it with dd-wrt I also have a privateinternetaccess account and I'm looking to get it working on this.. if I can get it going I'll upgrade the...
  11. benrobbo2710

    IPTV Arrests the start of more to come?

    Read some news articles today of more IPTV Arrests in the UK and Ireland, sky and BT seem to be stepping up their game. I know they are targeting big suppliers mainly but maybe it's time to look into a VPN router just to be extra safe for IPTV users. I personally have a Zgemma box on Xstream I...
  12. M

    Linksys WRT3200acm vpn Router

    For sale, used for 4 days. So as new. Linksys WRT3200acm router. Perfect for installing DD-WRT and running a VPN through. Looking for 100. Going on eBay for 140 refurbished. Cheers
  13. benrobbo2710

    VPN Router Help/Advice

    Just a bit of advice on VPN routers, with the internet seeming to be getting tightly policed more and more now and ISP's like Sky, BT etc cracking down and constantly spying on what we are doing just want a bit of advice on a VPN router. Looking at getting one but don't want to be spending...
  14. londonfox

    VPN Problems on VM super hub

    If you are having problems trying to set up a VPN and your internet service is VM this could be the problem why your vpn is not working, The super hub 3 and 6 can not use a VPN set up by yourself, You will need to phone VM and ask them to set it up for you ( Making sure you change the name of...
  15. benijofar

    4g router connection problems with IPTV

    Trying to use a 4g TP link router on IOM which will run IPTV on Mag box computer and firestick/smart tv but will not recognise any type of enigma 2 box ? I am guessing there is a switch not set somewhere but buggered if i can find it. It may be that enigma 2 needs an extra driver installed but...
  16. 20170914_185859


    My router monitor
  17. 20170912_210911


  18. DSCF0935


    Inside my router. Attenuator came away from PCB, tried solder, couldn't get it to work so used some masking tape from the shed. please note the red arrow upper left showing the offending broken pin that has come away from the board. Getting decent speed, new VM router Thurs
  19. StrawDog

    syslog watcher and attacks on my router

    I wonder if any one can help with what looks like attacks on my router? I have a server and on it i have "syslog watcher" that captures all my data that's going back and forth....I have a RTN 66U black night router which is flashed with tomato and all working fine except for some of the...
  20. N

    VPN for smart iptv

    hello, I'm considering getting an asus vpn enabled router. Main purpose will be to use it for my iptv streaming on Samsung smart tv. Is a vpn recommended to use with iptv? Does a vpn work well with iptv? Suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated:)