phoenix hd a850 setup.


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if all options have been tried as in trying usb 850 images and the null modem cable flash with its own firmware [ not a usb image from downloads ] as box is second hand possible wrong firmware used before as not checked?

null modem flash would presume be done like the 780 box off at rear press download on pc then power on box to overwrite the boot before starting.


anyone help us out just updated kv780 to pv4.5.08 & i have entered my nline in to the newcamd/mgcamd section correctly. It says it is connected but there is no picture/stream


Hi Can i update the firmware via usb EXFAT or does it have to be FAT 32 as my external western digital drive is ExFAT


Where Can I request A new line My current Supplier has disconnected me from his server he says VM are trying new encryption anyone know anything about that is It time to switch to IPTV are these boxes still working.