phoenix hd a850 setup.



I havent been using the A850 lately but can see now that the new fw is available. I assume i have to download the fw and update the box with V1.03.03. Internet upgrade is freezing, so I assume i have to go via the USB route.

On top of this, do I have just get a test nline and input the details or I have to get a 12-month subscription from the server person? He is quoting 65 for ones with HD channels. Please advise Thanks.


ive not used my a850 for a long time, so im trying to download the new update to install that.
not sure if things have changed, but wasn't the good thing about the kv a850 was that you didnt need an account with a server as it was all built in with KV?

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OK ive done the USB upgrade to the new firmware and the internet upgrade and ive go the new menu asking for the newcamd/mgcamd setup - do i need to purchase some info to go in here? does KV no longer have a server?


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KV no longer has a lifetime no sub server, you must purchase one.
Try navigate to the general cable section, then the sticky "anyone recommend a cable server" thread.

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Ok thanks for bringing me up to date.

So I need a vermin south of england Cable subs... I'll post as directed, thank you


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as you know by now the old way is dead,online update box to use newcamd server of your choice nline.

to get box working scan for channels and add your details below that you get from provider like this.

" N: web.address zzzzz xxxxxx yyyyy 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
You get this from provider

Convert web address provided to ip and enter this on first option
zzzzz is your port
xxxxx is your user id
yyyyyy is your password
0102.... Without spaces
Active = yes
wait for couple of minutes
not connected should change to connected

you are good to go

i scanned channels before entering this info. Not sure if makes any difference

Hi..what IP address do you change the wed address over to [ the box's ip ?? ]

OK guys, got the drift [ needs converted ] cheers
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Hi new member here, been away from the a850 for a while and from reading your posts going to attempt to get it back to life. just a quick question, I am moving house hopefully within 6 months . once you get a nline for it , can it somehow be transferred to my new address or will I have to purchase a new line there?


Hi all, just getting on the A850 now, so thanks to all for your help, especially cactikid - you're posts are really useful. Nice one


hi there i have an a850 and it is stuck on flashing the words "boot" even when i insert the usb to flash it, it continues to flash saying "boot", is there any other way around this. Please advise

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Is it your box , did you buy it from someone else , as when it's stuck in boot Iam sure that's the box bricked , usually with wrong firmware put on it , I can't recall but I don't think that box came be brought back to life with a original firmware up date with null modem as it' was one of the first boxs to be usb upgrade , then online updates after that , I may be wrong though .

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So I take it , it has never worked since you received the box ? If so and if you have bought it just recently I would raise a claim especially if the listing said it was in working order , i/e fta channels can be received , but by the looks of it it's being in boot someone might have put on the wrong firmware , i/e the 750 box's firmware

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Not sure , I just checked their latest firmware updates there is 2 for this year , you could try these they are the ones offering mgcamd to be put on
though ,never saw a factory default one , and to be honest if there is one it might not work due to the box being bricked . I liked the kryptview box had it for years before n3 kicked in then bought the I connector for c/s worked great , but to be honest there is a lot more choice of boxes out there now that give more value .