HD51 4K Pre-purchase questions (HD51)


Hi guys.

I have a few questions before making a first box purchase.

Is anyone aware of where I can source a copy of the user manual for the HD51 before buying?

If using just for iptv, will it list the channels in an EPG 'a la' slybox (with the relevant skin) or would I need to have a sat/cable feed connected before I could do this? (ie will EPG work with just iptv?)

If I need to record a channel or two whilst watching a third, is there something I need to do with the box/software or do I just search for suppliers whom offer 'recording' or 'multi room' services?

If there's normally a fee for a recording account, what would be a reasonable price to pay without actually buying a second account?

And finally, is there any easy way to source a supplier who provides multi stream access without asking each of them about the availability of this service?

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to reply.
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manual is in the box when u purchase
i use it only for iptv & freeview chans, currently working out how to get the epg up (im new to this box)