mutant hd51

  1. Fared

    Sold Mutant HD51

    With sat/cable tuners and remote. #Updated with username on paper.
  2. Fared

    HD51 4K Mutant hd51

    Hello, I have a Mutant hd51 and it decided not to boot so I've been trying to flash openatv on it the last couple of days but instead of "flashing", I just get "no partition". I've used both my usual usbs and a new one. I've unplugged the internal hard drive and all cables as seen in another...
  3. D

    HD51 4K How to stop radio appearing in T2 channel group

    Anyone know how to stop this? Using 6.2 but never appeared in previous builds for me (i think), definitely not on 6.3 anyways as that's what I was using last. Using autobouquetsmaker with saorview Thanks
  4. D

    ext3player causes e2iplayer problems

    So recently changed my mutant 4k to ext3player using service app as the audio kept falling out of sync on iptv steams. Streams are fine since but now it's happening when using the iptvplayer(e2iplayer) plugin were it never happened before. Anyone experience this or got a fix? Thanks
  5. S

    Newbie with mutanthd51

    Hi guys I really need some help please. I'm a newbie and am looking at the mutanthd51 as it seems that comes recommended and meets my requirements with regards sat input and IPTV. I've been trying to look for a beginners guide on how to get it all set up but either I can't find one out there...
  6. Fared

    HD51 4K Oscam help!! At wits end.

    Hello, I had to reflash my box and have flashed OpenATV. I have setup both tuners and scanned - all good. I can't get Oscam to work. I have tried loads of different ones been through all the forums, have 25 browser tabs open right now, been at it since Friday and at my wits end. When I did...
  7. D

    HD51 4K using alternative remote control

    hi, anyone know of any plugin or settings that might make it possible to use a different e2 remote on my 51.. the one that comes with it is useless, a h2s (have one) which is half the price, is far superior. I've had an issue with mine been totally non responsive at times and then works fine a...
  8. D

    HD51 4K Atv 6.2 issues

    Put the latest openatv on my 4k but timeshift won't work at all.. Also the epg keeps jumping to channel 1 but it's set to standard. It gives a few different options to previous versions but none of them make any difference. Any ideas?
  9. T

    HD51 4K Pre-purchase questions (HD51)

    Hi guys. I have a few questions before making a first box purchase. Is anyone aware of where I can source a copy of the user manual for the HD51 before buying? If using just for iptv, will it list the channels in an EPG 'a la' slybox (with the relevant skin) or would I need to have a...
  10. BeardedKing

    OScam help

    Hey all, I have a new box (Mutant HD51) and I need help setting up OScam as this box only supports this cam. Could someone help me with what files I need to load onto t
  11. P

    iptv populating epg on my mutant hd51

    can anyone point me in the right direction of a guide so that i can get my iptv to populate my epg. i have tried unsuccessfully using rytek providers. i can get channel lists but it wont populate any programs on my epg.
  12. P

    HD51 4K how to record with mutant 51hd

    got a passport drive that i plugged into the back 3.0 usb. i formatted it and mounted it. but seem a record option anywhere ? also a annoying niggle is when i go into the EPG the channel buttons change the epg to the next day instead dropping to the next set of channels i have keep tapping all...