PS5 PS 5 Hack??


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Thing is with Xbox even if you went the digital route and got the games from the Xbox store from Brazil/Argentina etc you can do that on Xbox and save a small fortune with PS5 you can’t do that. Go to Argentina and it still the same price. Xbox you can do similar to steam. For example

Snooker 19 is £30 (UK)

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Snooker 19 £2.78 (57lira Turkey)

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If you could do this on PS5 similar to how you can on Steam/Xbox I’d be all over it. Hopefully it gets hacked. I don’t care one bit for online play.

How do you do that mate


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The Ps5 will get hacked,there is a bounty program and the flow makes a fortune out of it finding loop holes then reporting them to sony so they can be patched in firmware updates.


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The bounty program is where the top hackers make the big dosh. Flow and others no surprise report flaws etc to Sony who then patch later firmwares.

PS5 gona be hacked is big anyway but will be long time till we see later firmwares get hacked sadly like PS4 been same unless some hackers not on the payroll lol