PS4 PS4 Error - FIXED


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I wonder if you guys can help me I have this problem with my PS4 when I switch on

The error says to connect a USB device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.71 or later

We have been on the site and downloaded the correct files ( I think)

PS4 reinstallation pup file and an update pup file.

We have put them on a USB but it says can not find update file SU-41350-3

We also tried the PS4UPDATE.PUP and added it to a USB storage system added the (PS4, UPDATE) folders and still doesnt work
am i doing it wrong or is the playstation broke

Got it working in the end, tried a different USB and it loaded the update needed. Its totally wiped the PS4 but hey at least its working.
Will be saving the files if anyone ever needs them
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