Windows 8 Ransomware


It's lucky you were savvy enough to pull the plug when you did mate, they're a nasty virus and as you say will encrypt anything they find.

Pulling the plug and regular backups looks like it saved you a lot of misery.


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I've never actually had ransomware but I have had a few emails claiming it's there and they've been using my web cam to record my online porn viewing and they will email that video of me watching it and me 'ahem' to all my email contacts if I didn't pay the Bitcoin. At first I was worried because they knew an old password of mine which I hadn't used in ages and that it didn't matter if I'd changed it as the virus would inform them of the new one.

The giveaway was, first I have a piece of black tape covering my laptop webcam, and second, I only watch porn via my 55inch TV in another room as a second monitor which doesn't have any web cam. Suffice to say, I didn't hear from them again. (n)
I've had the same emails, it would have been funny if they did actually have a video of me and sent them to my contacts :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::astonished:


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these scammers are A holes, I've had those emails and txt`s, and more recently received a call to my mobile, demanding money for unpaid taxes. pay now or you will be arrested. what a load of BS. just tell them you live at - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC

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