Request A Good IPTV Server - August/September/October 2023

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Rules for sellers.

  • Never mention here, or ANYWHERE on TK that you sell (directly, or Indirectly)
  • If you wish to sell IPTV servers on TechKings, you may answer any request from a member by PM ONLY!!
  • Do NOT post " PM Sent, Empty your inbox, etc" the only posts are to be requests, nothing else.
  • Do not react to posts using our likes feature.
  • Do NOT join then look back at the list of requests then spam a members inbox. You only reply to requests made AFTER the date you join.
  • Sellers PM'ing members that do not request a sub will be banned for a month.
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  • Don't message Admin asking for more PM space. If you haven't got it that's how it's meant to be given your user group. If you want more space you need to get involved on the forum and post more or upgrade your account to supporters.
Buyers/Sellers rules.
  • Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers.
  • State if you require region specific servers
  • State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android box (KODI or Via IPTV App.)
  • State if it is for smart IPTV for apps on TV
  • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
  • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
  • Do not tell members not to discuss anything in here, that's the Moderator's Job.
  • Please report any post that breaks any of these rules.
  • Members that break these rules will be removed from seeing/posting in this thread for any amount of time (maybe permanently) at the Moderators Discretion.


We back No One!!!

We Strongly advise you not to pay for services by Paypal friends and Family, or by bank transfer, there is absolutely no come back on these two methods.
Beware of subs from "Zero posters" or "members" who haven't been on the forum for long. These users could be anyone!

I would listen to First Of All (no guarantee from TK) - VIP members. These members have been here a long time and contributed no end. We pick these by hand and not on "payments" like other Forums. You can not buy VIP here!
TK veterans - (no guarantee from TK) - Been here a while 500+ posts so more in favour of trust.

We give you the Tools BUT use your Common Sense.
Please remember to empty your inbox if you are expecting replies from this thread.

99% of Providers are Resellers so don't bother stating "NO RESELLERS" as Server Owners use resellers to promote their service !!

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i posted before but thread got closed need a UK sub for 4k cube free trial with sport if avail also want the sky glass app i know its just a skin but its my preference if you dont have these dont message thanks hope to hear from you all soon


Looking for largest possible English-speaking VOD offering. Don’t mind about quality, just want quantity/content.

E.g. HBO Animals, Tim and Eric Bedtime Stories, The Young Ones


All UK channels (sports, movies etc)
Sport (4K /60fps options essential), 3PMs, PPV, 247 Series, VOD

Must work with TiviMate. Would prefer TK Veterans only with 3-6 month subs and trial essential


Hi ,
I am looking for a sub with the following:- package with a strong USA,Canada, & UK channels with EPG A good selection of VOD PPV channels, Enigma2 / Jedi compatibility. Thanks in advance


Looking for a new iptv provider, use on firestick and iPad when away. Looking for uk channels with all 3pm epl kickoffs. Up to date VOD and pay per views for live events.


Hi there, looking for:

- UK Sports (Sky, TNT and Box office)
- UK General Entertainment
- Full HD
- M3U or M3U+XC - My devices are Fire Stick 4k and VLC on Windows
- Crypto Payment
- Stable and buffer free
- Direct supplier and well-established service preferred

Nice to haves but not essential:
- UK Asian channels
- Good categories, updates to channel names etc.

Not needed:
3pm kick-offs
4K Channels
Thousands of foreign Channels


Hi all.

Looking for all the football and UK channels.
Wide selection of series and movies.
High quality picture extremely important.
Irish channels a bonus.
Trial highly preferred.
Price not too much of an object but would prefer under £20 p/m if possible.
Using chromecast with Google tv if that matters



Looking for new provider - UK based servers only

- 4K sports a bonus, but fine with 1080p as long as channels are at least 50FPS
- Must have all UK and Irish channels including PPV
- Must have GAA TV, PDC TV, LOI TV (Irish sports and darts channels)
- Must be available to use with Tivimate. No custom apps please.
- Must offer trial to test for buffering. Been stung by too many bad providers.


- UK sports (mainly f1, motogp)
- 4K a massive plus
- use on smart TV/ firestick/ android (m3u not custom app)

- UHD VOD movies would be nice, but not a deal breaker
I am looking for a service:

• RAW/Direct streams including Sky Sports and BT Sports
• UHD including Sky Sports and BT
• Full UK coverage including UK Freesat/Freeview and Sky channels (FHD, HD and SD).(5.1 sound)
• All covered by EPL, EFL (Champ, L1 and L2), SPFL (Prem, Champ).
• All major sporting events (including PPV)
• Wide range of 4K/UHD channels such as Astro StarHub Sky BT and Now HK
• 3-day overview of most UK channels
• rich vod library (movies and series
• no VPN


Looking for a service that:
-works with tivimate
-has all uk sports in fhd and high fps (4k a bonus)
-good vod selection in 4k
-fire tv stick 4k


Hi Guys

I am looking for a good reliable iptv supplier for uk/world channels including all live football matches ppv events and 3pm kicks offs . With a high selection of vod/tv series and is able to take movie/boxset requests

I need a reliable service that is not getting blocks or freezes during the football/ live event kick off times.

with or without vpn it doesn't matter.

I am using tivimate and have a mixture of formuler z8 boxes and firesticks. if your service is right it can be up to 5 yearly subscriptions.

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