Request A Good IPTV Server - Nov/Dec/Jan 2022

Hello please can i get a test line for smarters app must have indian international channels not bothered about anything else! Thanks


Hi Guys

Been off the grid for a while, life just got too busy.

Looking for buffer free good quality Iptv. Trial will be needed to test

Im looking for a sub for 3 Firesticks 4K in one house just like my current provider who I want to change from as recently having buffering issues and tends to have problems now and again. Ppv, VOD, on demand series, all channels (UK, USA), all sly sports mainly all football PL kick offs VPN free, 24/7 support
Hollywood, Bollywood. No buffering. Trial will be needed.


On android box looking for I follow sports bt all kids and movies etc MUST be stable no on off stop start or serious lagging


Looking for a trial for a Vu + duo2 enigma 2 for x streamity have a vpn ,good reliable provider sport ppv football movies etc etc .


My current guy who's normally very reliable is having problems, so I'm after a just-as-reliable backup! Criteria:

Please don't message if you don't hit the criteria below. You're wasting your time and my time. Please check my account, a member many years.

I'm after a line for about 3 months.

Package/things necessary:

- Has been up a while/an established service.
- I like to use TVIMate premium on Amazon stick so please give details about that.
- A trial. At least 24 hours.
- I have a VPN so don't mind about that.

- Full UK Package (including Sly channels)
- Good USA package
- Good catchup and movie selection etc.
- HD/FHD/Lots of options in the event of one going down.

Many thanks :)


TK Supporter
Looking for a trial provider for Linux Enigma2 Zgemma platform, quality iptv trial UK provider focused HD 1080p FHD IPTV Sub for a 24 hour trial.....

Trial a must!!!

I'm looking for the following:
- Linux Enigma2 Zgemma Support
- UK channels must be FHD 1080p/1080i
- A glitch-free service, no buffering,no advertisement Good support.
- Full UK EPG and updates
- Good VOD Organized
- Catchup Support
- UK Movies
- UK Sports


Looking for a trial, running first stick with tivimate app can use other app if needed, needs to have Celtic tv thanks


Looking to become a reseller needs to be full uk package and USA with catchup and vod needs to be a good server with a reseller panel will require 24 hour test


Hi looking for 24hr test will be used on Enigma2 and android so need for second connection as well .Will be used with vpn as hole house use vpn price for 6 months and 12 months
full uk channels
all sports channels
movie channels
vod and series must be uptodate