Resources of people debunking covid myths


Agree, he does have the right to an opinion. Simply because someone disagrees with you doesn't make that wrong or right. What I challenge is, he seems to copy/paste online article links so in theory their not actually his opinion but the opinion of others then say "what you think?","Or makes you think".
Its as if he's waiting for a response then take a side with the most favorable. He even disagrees with some of the links.

Personal attacks against him? no no no, no need for that but if you have an opinion on a subject matter then read the outside links then post "your" views and thoughts whether against or in favor.
I've never been a lover of links then let it ride I'd prefer a link then say yep or nope, have an opinion on your posted link if that makes sense.

Sitting on a fence throwing ammo to both sides creates wars
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