Rich Media when watching movies/tv, Native ZGemma box


Hi all, finding this really hard to Google so apologies if this has been asked 100 times. I'm looking to replicate the "rich media" experience I get with Kodi, but on my ZGemma when viewing Movies or TV series via USB. The closest I've been able to get is using the file browser, but this doesn't provide things like images, descriptions, etc. Is there an equivalent that exists for ZGemma H.2S, so I could use just the ZGemma as my main media hub?

Thanks for anyone who could point me in the right direction for plugins, images, anything greatly appreciated!


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No, the zgemma can't do anything like that.
Its primarily a sat / cable / IPTV receiver.
Anything else is a lucky welcome bonus to be honest.


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Aw man that's a shame, it's so close to being a media hub, especially with the USB for portable hard drives.
Thanks for helping explain that to me, no wonder it was hard to find results on google :P will keep sticking to the File Browser I think, switching sources to stream from Fire Stick/Kodi is awkward for my setup.

Loving the ZGemma still :)

Really appreciate your help, thanks!