1. penty2008

    best android device?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good hardwired android box? I’m using stbemu, plex and titanium tv Internet speeds are shocking over vpn with my current firestick with it being wireless, plus it’s struggling to process the demands. I’ve been looking at the formuler and Nvidia shields, any...
  2. R


    Is there a working Kodi plug in for enigma ?
  3. S

    Kodi Addons (movies)

    Hi need help on installing a good if not the best addon for movies i dont want any builds i currently have the maverick repo but not liking it, all suggestions greatly appreciated.
  4. A

    Nas server

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting a nas server for use at home for watching films on fire stick and kodi boxes etc. What is a good starter nas setup?
  5. H

    Streaming to Kodi from box with IPTV channels

    Hi, I have the Zgemma H2S box, and I want to stream the channels to a Kodi box upstairs with the VU+/enigma2 addon. The box has IPTV channels on it, with a paid subscription. It isn't receiving channels from the satellite receiver. The problem is, the addon scans all the channels and adds them...
  6. B

    Kodi Crashing while loading EPG on Startup

    Libreelec with PVR IPTV Simple Client. Have an IPTV sub with EPG using X-Treme for line ID, loads "Guide From Database" No problem but after a few days, when rebooting or cold booting Libreelec. sytem crashes while displaying "Importing Guide From Clients". When Libreelec is trying to Import...
  7. T

    Kodi IPTV App

    morning , i currently have a iptv sub on kodi with streamsupreme and im looking for a new provider . must have all uk channels , all sports and ppv . and 3pm football games streamed . what would you recommend
  8. C

    Firestick VPN Kodi

    Hi guys, looking to buy a VPN for my firestick for streaming, saw on a website that a lifetime sub to VPN Unlimited is only £13 on a website, dont really care if it truly isn't a lifetime sub but is VPN unlimited good? There's a lot of discussion about how they keep logs etc but haven't used a...
  9. bazcfc1


    Kodi SHUTDOWN: Streaming add-on developers told to cease and desist Developers behind Kodi add-ons are purportedly being targeted by legal action KODI developers have been told to cease-and-desist, following new action from the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment, which counts a number...
  10. bazcfc1


    Kodi crackdown will see millions of Champions League fans blocked from watching tonight The Champions League round of 16 gets underway tonight, with a string of English clubs still competing for the trophy A crackdown on top-set box Kodi will see millions of football fans who illegally attempt...
  11. Ubersheep

    Rich Media when watching movies/tv, Native ZGemma box

    Hi all, finding this really hard to Google so apologies if this has been asked 100 times. I'm looking to replicate the "rich media" experience I get with Kodi, but on my ZGemma when viewing Movies or TV series via USB. The closest I've been able to get is using the file browser, but this doesn't...
  12. Speedygonzal

    UK Mass Surveillance Laws Deemed Unlawful

    The Court of Appeal has just ruled that the snooper's charter is largely unlawful. Not only should web/comms surveillance be target specific and pre-authorised, they will only be authorised for fighting "serious crimes". See...
  13. M

    How to uninstall and install KODI on iPhone?

    I have an iPhone 6 I know its pretty old so can I install Kodi on it?
  14. bangord30

    MXQ PRO M8s Quad Core Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 4K

    Hi All 1.5 month old kodi iptv box for sale. It has been decluttered and has various IPTV apps now installed inc STBemu PRO. It has 1gb ram. HEVC/H265 supported. Any questions or requests, please ask. £25 delivered U.K. only. No offers.
  15. V

    HD51 4K Local Network movies with Kodi

    Im having a few issues trying to get the movies from my server to play on kodi on my HD51. I have added all the file locations and passwords to enable kodi to populate the movies. IMDB sees them all but when i come to play them they dont play. Now if i go to file manager and the movie i want to...
  16. Willo3092

    New Octagon SX88

    This doesn't look a bad box for £69. Has a single sat tuner and support for IPTV and Kodi. http://www.octagon-germany.eu/produkte/digital-receiver/hdtv-receiver/satellit-dvb-s2/sx88/ H.265 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVB-S2 multistream tuner Multistream Root, Gold, (PLP, PLS) T2MI Support without...
  17. H

    Unable to load any live stream on Kodi?

    Hi, I am running Kodi 17.3 on a schism Kodiflix build on a firestick I am unable to load any live streams from "tvone, iptv, uk turks, livestreams pro" Non live streams of any kind work no problem. Any ideas welcome
  18. bigwayne1976

    vpn kodi blah blah

    morning guys,im no expert so I hope someone can point me in the right direction,i use kodi quite abit and iptv on my zgemma h2s.broadband is with sky,do I really need a vpn?and is kodi illegal?because I'm sooo confused.
  19. R


    Hi, Looking for some help on how to setup the XML EPG for Kodi IPTV with TITAN like shown in this video. Thanks
  20. J

    Vu+ solo2 Openvix Kodi v 17.0 won't download files

    Hi, any advice for getting my Solo2 to download Kodi files please? I am a newbie so an "idiots guide" response would be appreciated. I am trying to download the Zen / Elysium file and have changed the settings to allow non-Kodi files to be downloaded, but still no luck. I have no option to...