Samsung Smart Iptv

I used smart iptv app on tv before I bought my mag 256 and it performed really well would def recommend if you dont want to go to expense of a dedicated box the app is just a bit more clunkier interface than mag plus you cant record or pause rewind live tv but catch up VOD all work and the channels stream really good in FHD HD and SD
Many thanks will look into that mag box, but as I've got the Samsung Smart iptv already integrated in to my Tv will check this out first, but thanks again for your reply, thank you
Did you have any problems when entering the sub? I was given a 48hr sub didn't work. When i used the sample from siptv it worked fine.
Just a thought coz it happened to my mate your 5 day free trial of the app hasn't run out has it I done a few set ups for ppl manually and copy and paste they all worked ok my mate was getting mac not activated on the siptv web page and his mrs had tested the free channels before getting a sub so the trial had been activated
Does anyone know how to get a good m3u.list with Asian and epg for smart iptv?

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