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Actually, if you purchase from wos the first drop-down box is what firmware do you want installing. So for a £1 then will put on it any image you wish. Its really down to choice. Lots of people like openvix images. I personally don't like those images and like either openatv or pure2. My image of choice is pure2 at the moment. Below is a screen grab of what it looks like
When did they start charging £1 to add image? It's not like they do full setup or anything lol
I'm going to keep normal sly standard dish for sly box downstairs and get seperate motorised dish for my zgemma combo.
Looking at the Technomate ones on World of Satellite they do 80cm to 97cm dishes solid or mesh packages. Want try euro sats e.t.c any idea what minimum size of dish I could get away with in Ayr, Scotland. or What satellites will be available. And am I better getting quad lnb just incase I upgrade my box.

Another point the single lnb that comes with the pack is a Technomate 0.2db Single LNB but I see they are advertising GT-Sat GT-QDL1 Universal Quad Compact LNB 0.1db is that better lnb will it fit Technomate lnb holder.
If you plan to install the motorised set up yourself, you should consider a 1m solid dish, simply because the slightest deviation from the optimal focus, will exaggerate through the arc & for most euro sats, that may be the difference between a signal lock & a complete miss.
I still have not put up the dish having second thoughts due to the size 97cm all others near me are the small oval sky dishes.

And council rules say nothing over 1 mtr length onto building 1 mtr dishes are permiter but because of fixing bracket size with it being motorised and needing to go from east to west I think it will be more than a meter in length.
Got all the gear to put it up satellite meter, level, digital protractor.
Theres even a satellite guy lives in my area said roughly £100 to put up and align the dish. He said he has done a few meter dishes in our area might just get him round, when availabe due to covid rules.
your dish will work perfectly well from ground level...on a scaffold pole, fixed to a bracket bolted to a slab or even a fencepost etc.
How did you get on @urie ?

Im looking at putting a dish back up too. Not sure if there any advantages to a motor rather than just using freesat. I have IPTV anyway so this is purely just a backup.
iptv is not very reliable to record from & ppv events are hit & miss. euro sat on cs is easy to record, reliable & a far better frame rate & resolution.
yes houses behind me and a few trees but on a hill so that may help no trouble with sly signal but understand will be different with moving dish.
You will need a clear view of due south, but remember offset dishes do not point directly at the satellite, the signal is reflected at an acute angle from the sat beam to the lnb, so the trajectory of the signal is not in line with the direction that the lnb arm is pointing, but significantly higher in the sky.


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your dish will work perfectly well from ground level...on a scaffold pole, fixed to a bracket bolted to a slab or even a fencepost etc.
I may just try that with scaffold pole into the ground i can try satfinder app to see if I can get full arc at ground level.