Services Cheaper With VPN’s


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I was looking to stick together a list of online services that can be got cheaper with a vpn active to the local cheaper area

So if you know any please share

Ones I have tried
Netflix - Turkey
Spotify - Philippines - £3.10 pm
YouTube Prem - £1.40

Ones I know you can get
Xbox live

I can keep track of cost too
Not sure if you can share or sell empty slots on family setups

But if you know any please share
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Watch on 1 screen at a time in Standard Definition. Download videos on 1 phone or tablet.
17.99 TL/month £2.47

Watch on 2 screens at a time. HD available. Download videos on 2 phones or tablets.
29.99 TL/month £4.12

Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and Ultra HD available. Download videos on 4 phones or tablets.
39.99 TL/month £5.50

What you need

VPN (Not expressvpn) set to turkey
EX card (have used Revolt - with virtual card to tr)

works total fine in the UK, no regional lock

UK price -
Basic - 5.99 x 12 = 71.88
Standard 8.99 x 12 = 107.88
Premium 11.99 x 12 = 143.88

Basic - 2.47 x 12 = 29.64
Standard 4.12 x 12 = 49.44
Premium 5.50 x 12 = 66.00


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For all having problems signing up or subscribing. Please try these options:

Please do as following.
1. Create a free UK account with free 30 Days trial using your credit/debit card.
2. Cancel the subscription and wait until it expires (30 days trial)
Once your subscription expires login in to your Netflix account and..
3. Connect to a VPN (turkey)
4. Subscribe to your plan in Turkish Lira and your existing credit card details (previously saved in your UK account)

*NordVPN does not work with this method as it redirects you to US Netflix website.

Previous Netflix deal has expired and is not updatable any more, some updates as the price is very attractive and the method still works fine.

Prices should be as following for Netflix Turkey
Basic SD 1 Screen
£2,49 / 17,99TRY
Standard HD 2 Screens
£4,15 / 29,99TRY
Premium UHD 4 screens
£5,82 / 41,99TRY

How to subscribe?
  • For existing users: unsubscribe from your existing plan and wait until it expires then do as following!
  • Download a VPN or use VPN Deal Here
  • Connect the VPN to server Turkey
  • open a private page in your browser (inkognito)
  • Go to
  • Log in to your existing account or Create new account
  • Choose a plan > all prices will be shown in TL Turkish Currency
  • Insert your Credit Card details in subscribe to your favorite plan
  • A message requiring a mobile number verification appears, just ignore it.
  • That is all!
You can use Curve Card or Revolut Card to avoid foreign Transaction fee


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I see Netflix Turkey is putting up there prices
The 4K is going up to to 41.99 from 39.99

I see when I did my last post the prices must have been ready to change. So it starts end of August
Still cheaper

I drop down to standard to keep the price down. I have other services for 4K.


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Youtube India - £1.40 /pm

i used nord india (38)
clear cookie info
insert the url YouTube Premium - YouTube
(make sure it says (1-month free trial • ₹129.00/month after))
click try it for free
sign in to your google account, i used my own never had premium mind, make a new one if you want

you need to fill in your card details, fee free card such as Monzo, Starling or revolut (i used the last)
fill in a fake india address
Fake Indian Address - Fake Address, Random Address Generator

and that is you done


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i see now turkish google drive is cheaper too

100GB 5.79 TRY / £0.73
1TB 28.99 TRY / £3.66
2TB 57.99 TRY / £7.31
10TB 289.99 TRY / £36.56
20TB 579 TRY / £73.00


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OneDrive, details are:

UK Pricing:

Cloud Storage Only: 50 GB £1.99 per month
Office 365 Personal + 1 TB: £59.99 per year
Office 365 Home + 5x 1 TB: £79.99 per year

Turkish Pricing:

Cloud Storage Only: 50 GB is 9TRY / £1.13 per month
Office 365 Personal + 1 TB: 249.99TRY per year / £31.52
Office 365 Home + 5x 1TB: 329.99TRY per year / £41.61