Should cactikid use ccleaner?


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I personally would advise using ccleaner, it clears out your internet cache and cookies and my pc runs much faster when i use it regularly.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet it is wise to regularly clear your temporary internet files, otherwise your pc can get very slow.
I use ccleaner all the time, it's a great little program, keeps your pc nice and clean and best of all it's free.
Well if you use firefox you can set it to remember your passwords, that way even if you run ccleaner they don't get lost.

I have also heard that chrome doesn't work that well with vbulletin sites, which could be why you are having problems in the shoutbox.
That would be my personal opinion, you don't have to delete chrome, just download firefox and use that.

I used to have problems with the shoutbox when i used Internet Explorer, since i changed to firefox it's much better.
Put all your favourite sites in your bookmarks, click remember this password when firefox asks, and you should be just fine.

Download ccleaner and run that after you set up all your bookmarks and tell firefox to remember your passwords and your pc should run much faster.
So cacti ran ccleaner and got rid of 441mb of temporary files and cookies etc from his pc!

Did you remember your passwords cacti, or am i talking to myself? LOL
You know what I do- I E-mail passwords and important links to myself. :grin: Never lose them that way If your computer crashes or when you use ccleaner.
P.S. I use ccleaner everyday! more than once :)
In the free application thread, there is a link for Atomic Cleaner. You can use that also, as it deletes some junk files that ccleaner skips.

I used ccleaner on a friends comp and it removed 345MB of junk. I used atomic cleaner and it removed almost 2 GB of junk.

Edit: Found the link, which was posted by our Brother Moh.

atomic cleaner download
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