SmartIPTV app changing MAC address on cold boot?


I have 2 android boxes bot with SmartIPTV installed directly from the source. one of the boxes is about a year old, the other i bought a few weeks ago.

the software on 1 keeps changing MAC address when i cold boot (pull power cable) where as my other box is fine.

Anyone know why? I tried reinstalling, ive also emailed the smart iptv people 4 days ago but not had a reply.

Also both software is registered and paid for although because the MAC has changed it now says 7 day trial again!

Its driving me nuts, can anyone help!??


Normally smartiptv latches on to the box/machine/firestick mac number which(stand to be corrected on) doesn't change pulling cable should not change that again (stand to be corrected),I have emailed smart iptv people in the past and usually get a reply within a few days(check your spam box just in case) but the fact that the mac code changes may lead to them thinking well i leave that up in the air..:sunglasses:


Would you not consider a different app. Smart IPTV is a bit crappy I think and people really only use it as its one of only 2 choices on a smart tv. In your case you have an android box which means you could switch to IPTV Smarters Pro, STB EMU both of which are much better in my opinion.