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  1. D

    Android box not streaming on sly Q (T95z plus)

    Hi, Would much appreciate help: I have a T95z plus android box since getting the well known sly Q it now will not stream movies or anything.... I have factory reset and made sure its up to date I then set my mobile phone data as a mobile hot-spot and was able to stream via android box...
  2. A

    SmartIPTV app changing MAC address on cold boot?

    Hello, I have 2 android boxes bot with SmartIPTV installed directly from the source. one of the boxes is about a year old, the other i bought a few weeks ago. the software on 1 keeps changing MAC address when i cold boot (pull power cable) where as my other box is fine. Anyone know why? I...
  3. W

    Android Box Losing Connection

    Hiya boys, got a bit of a predicament I’ve got a T95ZPlus box and after about 20 mins everything cuts out .... as in the box is rendered useless would this be a faulty box or an internet problem? The box is run through a power link adapter also. Cheers.
  4. moe84

    IPTV via Android tv box

    HI Guys, I am considering to buy 1 of this -...
  5. A

    best device for IPTV

    Ok I hope I have this in the right section, so sorry mods if I don't. After having various devices over the years and been what a little tech savvy I am looking to now get an IPTV sub for an older relative. Its has to be simple to use with a traditional type remote. So with that in mind would a...
  6. Cruxy

    IPTV from Belgium

    Hello, I have a T8V android box that I already use for KODI & intend to use for IPTV. I live in Belgium and I'm looking into getting IPTV for UK channels. Do I have to take any extra steps because of my location? e.g. Should I specify my location when requesting a sub? Do I need a VPN? Any...
  7. W

    How to un-root my android box.

    Hi, I’m not entirely sure what a rooted device is to start. I have an T95Z android box and I have access to the Sky Q app. I can download it but when trying to watch something it says it won’t play on a rooted device? Is there a simple way to un-root the box? Or an easier way to get the app...
  8. H

    Going back to android from Libreelec

    I bought an m8 box last year which has libreelec on it. I'm wondering if theres any tutorials anywhere to wipe this and install android back on it. Thanks
  9. U

    Android box with stb/perfect player or MAG BOX 254 for IPTV.

    Which is better an android box with stm emu or perfect player or a mag box 254 for iptv. Mag boxes are made for iptv but android box has more features. Which would you recommend.