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Sound System issue


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So one day, i had some screeching sort of song played on max volume with my NTech sound system for PC. All of a sudden, the sound went really low and then stopped, i could smell some sort of smoke near the subwoofer, there was no life from the small satellite speakers that sit beside my computer. So what i did was, turn everything off from the mains, half an hour later, i turned everything back on. Played some music, my main subwoofer that i smelt smoke from, is working great. However i do notice just a little sign of deteriation, i.e if i have the bass on max, its like a component inside the subwoofer is shaking along with it. But as for now the sound is working fine from there, i think that must be due to the shock. However my 2 satellite speakers are completely dead, how much would it normall cost to fix them, and can they be fixed?. I dont really want to buy new speakers, because i've got a nice set up for my PC:

Its like a family to me ;), The two satellite speakers are on their left and right in the above image, and then the subwoofer ofcourse in the middle.

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.