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Star 2S box rebooting when selecting free view channels

Sleeping giant

Hello ,

This is my first thread so please excuse any lack of forum etiquette .

I have a Zegemma Star 2 S.
under image information it says Virtuosso Image extreme by Team Vix although during boot the screen says OpenTv or similar.
Around 4 months ago my guy put EPG import on it and I have been using IPTV with a line .
this has all been working very well bar the odd freeze every now and then.

I cam home from work to find "boot" displayed on the front of the box. It just kept booting itself over and over. I could hear the external HDD clicking loudly so could tell that it was broken as I've heard this noise from internal HDD and it's never a good sign.

I was able to turn off the power and managed to get it to boot up properly but noticed that when I changed to my freeview channels , the box would boot itself.

I have removed the offending external HDD and replaced it with a USB memory stick and set up swap file etc but the box still boots when I select any free view channels.
After booting the box will start on UK IPTV BBC 1 as it can't change to freeview BBC 1.

I thought it might be a Cross EpG issue but when I try to download the cross epg , the box will reboot itself .

I'm thinking about attempting a flash but I don't want to make things worse.

So , I can still watch IPTV no problems but the box reboots when selecting freeview.

I do have the dish connected and I tested with an old sky box earlier and it works fine.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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I would reflash your box mate vix isn't supported on zgemma make sure you have your line details and iptv details if using iptv

Sleeping giant

I would reflash your box mate vix isn't supported on zgemma make sure you have your line details and iptv details if using iptv

Thanks .

I thought that might be the case.
I think I'll give it a go but I'll just run it past my supplier first.

Sleeping giant

Just thought I'd update folk as it drives me nuts when people don't update with their solutions :-)

My box was goosed.

I ended up just buying a new shiny H2S.
All set up and all channels working .

Only issue I have as I can't populate all the EPG with EPG importer. I select the appropriate sources but it will only add events from International 1 IPTV and USA 1 IPTV.
It doesn't add any Rytec ones even though they are selected in sources.


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if you are useing iptv should have got a mag box

but use xtream editor for your epg for iptv its a small fee probs takes about hour to add epg then all good