Tvheadend 4.3 (RPI3/OSMC) + Xteve 2.1.2 alturismo docker + Plex


I had a RPI3 (1GB) lying about - Added a £7 pi tvhat (avoid the RPI4 at the moment). Plugged in ETH & COAX (Freeview UK). IIRC, Synology stopped supporting USB TV Tuners.

Installed OSMC (which is a sort of kodi distro) on RPI3 and updated to tvheadend v4.3
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb Index of /unstable/ raspbian-stretch main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tvheadend.list'
apt purge tvheadend
apt install tvheadend

Installed Docker & alturismo/xteve v2.1.2 (on Synology DSM6.2 with Plex 1.21). Configured xteve as FFMPEG with 2MB buffer

M3U =

Added "LIVETV & DVR" to Plex and the Plex TV Guide is quite impressive now. 7 day ahead with Series/Episode & Posters. I do have Plex Pass.

I'm only tuned to the DVB-T HD Channels (682MHz for me in UK) and can receive 3 at once as they are all on the same MUX. The RPI3 CPU is 5% & BW is 5Mbs per channel on a 100Mbs IF. I guess you can tune all 5 at once! Goes without saying the Sony CXD2880 is a single tuner, can only attach to 1 MUX at a time for recording or watching.


Most of my problems were getting specific/latest versions (as above) of tvheadend & xteve to avoid various issues.

Upsides; Cheap if you have Plex, Seems to be a Good EPG, Reliable IPTV stream, Range of clients, DVR scheduling is intuitive.

Downsides; Switching channels on Roku stick is a bit slow, scrolling up/down or right on the TV Guide on Plex client on Roku/iPad, limited freeview channels but can be added too. 2 hour movie is 6GB as its MPEG2 TS (I think this can be converted with Plex or FFMPEG).

Plex (IOS, WEB or TV UI) is not as good as the SKY UI by a long shot, but for a very cheap IPTV/DVR for the Big 5. it's pretty cheap/straightfoward if you have the bits lying around.

In future, I would like to integrate get-iplayer into Plex so as to be able to download iplayer catchup into the DVR TV folder.

Please comment and i'll try and explain more if/as needed.


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This is ok if you are a techy type of person who loves a challenge constantly tweaking with the settings but to the average person just switch on device and away you go.


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Looks like to much hassle for me. I think most people even find kodi to much hassle now


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you brew your own beer and make cheese too?
Its actually a good setup pabs but you need to be a techy to set it up. Coming across loads at the moment using TVhead with a plex server using one provider to stream to 6/8 others and it keeps the ip address locked to plex account. Hides the 6/7 other ips from the main server and its working to.


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I have just looked into it a bit and apparently there are quite a few codec issues.