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Update on E2iPlayer


TK Veteran
At the minute the current working links for the E2iplayer for me are Filmativa, still ok for movies and series, only), CineMay(movies and series),Filma2 only), 123Movies(movies only), CB01(movies), Kinox(Movies and series), Solarmovies(movies only), and the TSI player is still working ok for movies and series, but so many good links have stopped working on the E2iplayer plug in over the past few weeks/months, but still a good few links that are still working, just hope it stays that way.


Good evening all, hope you are well.
Does anyone know how to rectify this please?... has just happened when I was trying to play a YouTube link through the e2iplayer...any help is greatly appreciated as always.
... Just a little heads-up on a fix for my little issue originally posted, came about by accident 5 minutes ago!
Anybody else that has this issue with the playback on YouTube, do the following:
Whilst on the link which you want to open,press blue button (more) > select Change active movie player...mine was originally on Auto selection at the top... >select [external gstplayer] without buffering... then exit back and you'll find it now plays the required file spot on!
The selection will remain the same until altered again... happy days!


TK Veteran
Its in streamlord and media box on the TSI player, downloaded Episode 6 for series 6 earlier today, It might be in Kinoman link aswell in the series horror section.


TK Veteran
Have a look in Kinoman link or Kinox, you should still have tsi player on max bambi, I have. Its in Kinox, go to series, neuste, horror, all, english, its on the fifth page, use the clipwatching link.
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