virus attacking facebook


hi peeps my at my nieces and shes got a virus we think that keep attacking her facebook. last night i was sent a message from her partner to open a new vid he made. my pc picked it up as a virus so didnt open it.
but her today ive downloaded her avg free which is running atm but it keeps coming up with this: which is loaded in her my computer. it keeps opening it up and she seems to have loads of trojans main one in trojan SHeur2.AFAC in c:\windows\pp06.exe or SHeur2.AFAW

any ideas please
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There's anti-malware progs etc. in the free apps thread Linny. Install and run one of them and that will fix it. That one is just an annoyance more than anything.
I have used this in the past for repairing:
And on the left download the free version. That one will get it.
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linny please remove that link, its not good news. stay away from that site you sent me, and it sounds like she deffiantly has some virus's going on in that pc
homesick have removed link but bit confused what you mean by stay away from the link i sent you?? will download the other one now thanks
You may want to run it in safe mode and also uninstall it after it removes the problem because I have found in the past it can make your machine sluggish after a while. Just my experience but it works a treat.
As sandie posted it is always a good idea to do a cleanup before and after running your antimalware/antivirus/antispy software and removing undesirable objects. And also I always remove system restore backups after getting a problem cos a lot of infections hide themselves there.
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I would suggest running a HiJack this log and sending it to d4rkn1ght to check for you.

Msn also has a virus that is spreading like wildfire, so if anyone sends you a link on msn to look at pics, don't.
There always seems to be a blatant mis-spelling on the mail also which you can usually very easily spot.
Sorry meant to say msn instant messenger, didn't notice any misspellings on that one, it said it was photos from one of my contacts.
Haven't come across that one yet Eva. Had 2 laptops last week though with the Facebook jobbie. Not a bad problem at all really. Nearly all the free anti-trojan/malware etc. will remove it once it's updated after install.
I got it about six weeks ago, cleared it easily enough with a combination of HiJack this, ComboFix, Malwarebytes antimalware and avira antivir, and of course advice from d4rkn1ght :)
I had the same one eva and it sent vile messages to everyone in my contacts, my niece got it sent by a friend you who on her contacts, it sends you a messaging saying something along the lines,

"Do you want to know who is blocking you on I,M, click here to see"

My neice being stupid opened it and caused me a days work restoring my PC.

So anyone who receives this message would be best to steer clear.
Yeah they seem to be flying around at the moment on bebo, facebook, myspace etc.
See the way they say 'I,M,' though?? No-one would really write that.

Combofix has been a saviour in the past alright! Usually only needed for the rootkit types etc. that are a pain in the jacksie!!!
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That's not the same one i had, the one i had sends three links that are supposed to be photos from someone on your contacts list, and then logs you out.

I know some people on my list still have it, even though i have told them what it is.
Ah right sorry HT it's just all the ones I have fixed or been asked about always have a blatant mis-spelling, on facebook anyhow.
thanks guys. Well ive come home and left her to it. IVe put a notice up on my profile on FB but i was lucky last ngiht when i got it from her partner - or course i thought it was a vid of the baby, but my pc flagged it.
They never had any security on thier lappy. Shes now got avg free and that other one. Told her what to do and if shes still having probs to bring it to me 2mora. The avg could take hours so had no choice but to come home.

AS for the MSN one had afew of them in the past and learnt the hard way. Got one form George once so i opened it - it then linked to all of my contacts that were open. Eventually we closed down that msn and re opened another one. I got that one from Eva but knew she wouldnt be sending me photos so knew not to open it.
I now warn my contacts if im gonna send a file i will tell them 1st what it is and that they should always ask me b4 they open anything from me.
Why do people make these nasty things - got nothing better to do i suppose!!
oh that reminds me ive got a copy of spysweeper that i no longer use that i can put on my nieces lappy. its paid up til 2010 lol