VU+Duo / Wooshbuild


Hi Guys! I have recently acquired a VU+ Duo with OPENVIX image and last used in 2017. It still works and I want to use it for IPTV.
Someone suggested that I should put the recent Wooshbuild on it as some of the plugins might be outdated. Can some one please confirm if that would help as I am not really that Hi-Tech. Dont want to mess it up.


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Thats an old slow box that needed swapfile and cacheflush running just for sat,or are you posting in the wrong area as you have a vu duo2?


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Wooshbuild runs using OpenATV, not VIX, but yes you could update to the most recent WB Infinity (with boot screens by a highly talented Irishman lol), it would update anything that is out of date.
Despite what Cactikid says, it is an enigma 2 box that you could, of course, use for IPTV. The processors might be a but old and slow, but only way to find out is to try it out (I don't suspect you'll have any trouble, I have a H2S running IPTV no problem)


Many thanks Guys.
So I can Just load WB Infinty on this box in its present state ( with OpenVix ). I am not an expert on this. hats why I just want to make suse.