What do you do? On/Off


Just taking a quick survey: Do you shut down your P.C. at the end of the night or do you keep it on? And if you keep it on, how long do you keep it on until you give it a rest? :smoke:


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Typically, my main desktop at home doesn't get shut off...unless the cat does it by accident.

If i'm going to be gone for a weekend, i'll shut if off though.


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unless you have it doing something i see no point in leaving it on.i turn mine off after im done.


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off at the end of every session for me franco.... save the universe and my pocket.LOL


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I turn mine of every night franco :) see no reason for it been on if I'm not there using it lol


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My desktop stays on for months at a time, as I'm a heavy d/l and only shut it down for updates or to do a disk check once every 6 months.


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i leave mine on because in collage was taught when doing the a+ you are more likely to have a hard disc crash on start up and shut down than any other time


always turn mine off at the end of the day. Was told after my hard drive crashed a few years ago that it should not be left in standby and should always be turned off at the end of the day so it can do a checkpoint


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depends really, if im downloading its left on overnight as it gets good speeds other than that its off, off at the mains too people, dont forget that! :)


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Mine stays on almost all the time, unless I have installed a new program or update. :)