Wooshbuild 5 on H2H All good


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Have you tried deleting all bouquets in ABM

Then scanning??

Also it's vital too restart the box when D12UNC says too on his instructions


Hi mors, I am at a complete loss on how to get it working now. Like you, the other images seem to work fine. I still think its something to do with the E2 plugin causing a conflict of some kind ,but im no expert. Then again few here have got theres to work following the guide , just not me unfortunately. If you do get it up and going plese let me know and likewise here too
That error only seems to appear after the autobouquets gets removed and autobouquetsmaker added for me, I did wonder if it was the culprit somehow.
The guide mentions 'autobouquets E2' in the guide but it seems the 'E2' part has now been dropped in the plugin list, which made me wonder if I was uninstalling the wrong thing.

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Ive tried dsayers and bioheads images and must say they are PERFECT for the H2H. But I wanted to try Wooshbuild 5 see if it was ok?

So I Installed Wooshbuild 5.
Then Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Tuner Configuration - highlight tuner B - Ok - Then change Net ID to your area - then Green button to save.
Exit back to tv. Green button - Red button (remove plugins) - Then remove Autobouqet E2. ( now restart box so it's completely removed).
Green button - Green button (download plugins) - System Plugins - AutobouqetMaker (ABM) - Download then restart box.
Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Autobouqemaker - Configure - change setup mode to Expert - change Time of Scan to Whatever time ( I used 5am) - Press Exit - Providers - make sure it has Virgin U.K. and your Net Id for your area. - Press Exit - Start Scan ( Will now Scan for Channels).
Once finished then Menu - Setup - EPG - Settings - Enable Virgin epg ( change to YES).
Press Exit back to Setup - CrossEpg -Configure - Schedule Download ( change to wherever ( I used (5.15am).
Press Exit - XMLTV PROVIDERS - Sroll down to bottom and choose RYTEC Virgin U.K. XMLTV - Press Yellow to Download - ( once finished make sure there's a tick on Ryteck virgin uk).
Press Exit.
PROVIDERS - Start Order - Change it so RYTEC virgin is at the top!
Press Exit - Download Now - Now will Download the Epg.

I then downloaded the VirginHD skin and Installed it aswell.
All Virgin Channels working fine including HD and Epg working g a treat!
If I've missed anything out or done something you thinks wrong guys let me know.

Might help someone if they fancy using Wooshbuild eh!
Hi @D12UNC at what stage did you enter your line during your build? Did you bounce the Cam at that point? Did you have a Cam assigned to Cam 1 but nothing to Cam 2, or visa versa?


Sorry Guys been busy at work............ I have now amended my Instructions ( a lot clearer now) and this should work 100% (well ive tried it on 3 H2H now and all fine)
Let me know how you get on guys lol

Hope this is fine with you Wooshman.


Thank you very much D12UNC for taking time to redo your guide! It works!!! yes Everything is fine with all HD channels etc working . The mistake i kept making, must have been pressing Restart instead of Restart GUI when removing E2 and Installing ABM. Thanks again i really appreciate it


Hi @D12UNC, following this guide, I've got a couple of queries?
It doesn't mention at what stage to enter your line? I presume its only the newcamd.list that needs to go over?
Following this guide, when I check my softcams, neither are started? Should they be?
It doesn't mention whether to disable Tuner A on the H2H which is the sat tuner - do you need to?



Amended the Instructions again lol lol
now tells you when I put over Line, when I restarted cam and that I left Tuner A as it was. Just for you mors lol


Mods this really should be a sticky
This really is an excellant guide just put this on new Zggema H5 and would definatley recommened it, one piece of advice i would give is before you remove your VM box check the settings for correct net id (from experience dont assume because for example you live in say west yorkshire you would expect to use leeds net id, it could be an adjoining area as i found to my cost of several lost hours)
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Great guide on how to get Virgin on Wooshbuild v5 on H2H but my question is: is it possible to put Sky and Virgin on Wooshbuild v5 and get them working at the same time. Just as a H2H is supposed to work.
Hope the above makes sense


I'm also getting a set of bouquets with '28.2' at the top, these are the folders with the greyed out channels. Has anyone managed to remove these


Ive not been able to view any other channel when recording something (Virgin connection only). I know with the other h2h images you can record and view other channels.
Have i left something out when installing wooshbuild to my h2h? Thanks in advance!


If you've only got Cable, then you can't watch and record another channel at the same time as the H2H only has one cable tuner. You'll need to spend £50 or so on a compatible usb cable tuner.

DSayers H2H build lets you record + watch another channel because it's for boxes using both cable and satellite.


Having installed this a few days ago on H2H everything up and running and I am impressed with the layout etc, however as mentioned in previous posts I have a duplicate set of bouquets on sat 28.2 with nothing populated and the epg is not updating info correctly, with missing data on some channels and info is only showing for a few days. Is there some thing I have done incorrectly?