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WooshBuild WooshBuild Infinity advice


TK Veteran
Its not just link
paste whole line
opkg install

then enter


TK Veteran
if you are logged in on openwebif then it should work you don't need box name just box ip address


Hi all i am haveing issues trying to flash wooshbuild on my box went to openwebif typed in root then my box password added the link paste to browser enter error no such directory exist help
what did you paste in to browser


Hi all,

wondering if you can help me with a slight issue on the wooshbuild set up. I have flashed my Zgemma h2s to the latest openatv. When I am going through the wooshbuild set up I get to the part where it asks if I want to initialise by usb drive. When I click yes I get the follow image and the box restarts 88EE9E2B-CE07-4614-BC6C-DB0D25782087.jpeg
Can anyone suggest what this means ?

Appreciate anyone’s help.