WooshBuild wooshbuild setup


Ok so do I need to put it back to basics by putting atv6.2 on first then grogsbuild? , or just put grogs over woosh?just trying to get it clear in my head and is grogsbuild on here somewhere
Just put grogs on now it will install a fresh 6.2 itself follow the guide using putty as I find openwebif temperamental


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wooshman hasnt got round to doing softcams yet as its not him its open atv who have changed everything round if you cant get softcam feeds to work put your own mgcamd ipk on 1.38---1.45 or 1.35 which ever then that will creat the softcam on your box then put your line in usr keys in the nwcamd.list and if there isnt a newcamd.list in keys right button in keys create file and name it newcamd.list and dont forget full stop after newcamd then put your line in


Damsel in distress, so for two days I tried with woosh infinity but couldn’t get my line going, this morning I’ve swapped to grogsbuild but when I go to add my line details the cam to use and add or replace won’t save it keeps going back to none (rest of my line saves) then box crashes and have to start again any ideas anyone please