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Wooshbuild Support Thread


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Posts that are not relevant to the build will be culled on a regular basis.
The FAQ's on wooshbuild v4 still apply in many cases so refer to those before posting in here please.

If your post is deleted from this thread. it is because it's not relevant to the build !
Do not repost it again please as it will be removed again.


Post 2 is the FAQ'S

Will be updated shortly for V5 support only


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WooshBuild is now available on the following boxes:

Zgemma S, H2S, HS
Zgemma H2H - (cable / sat) - OpenATV 6
Zgemma H1*, H2*
Zgemma H5-2S
Zgemma H5-2TC
Zgemma H5 (cable / sat) - OpenATV 6
Zgemma H3-2TC (cable / sat) - OpenATV 6
Zgemma i55 - OpenATV 6

Vu+ Solo4k - Twin sat
Vu+ Zero - OpenATV 6
Vu+ Solo2 - OpenATV 6
Vu+ Duo2 - OpenATV
Edision os mini - OpenATV 6

Xtrend 8500 (ET8500) - Twin sat - OpenATV 6

Until Boxes marked with * have their own WooshBuild version, you will need AutoBouqetMaker to be used in place of AutoBouquet E2. Due to not having a cable connection we are unable to test or offer support. However, with this said, there are users of all the above boxes using WooshBuild v5 without a problem on cable boxes.

WooshBuild 5.003 / 6 - This is the current version you will get if you do a clean install or reflash WooshBuild from WB Config.

How to install on a H2H, H5-2TC or other cable box: http://www.techkings.org/threads/my-h2-h-set-up-thread-using-wooshbuild.127252/
All of this has been done by Ste: http://www.techkings.org/members/ste.85719/ with massive thanks.

WB Config updated to 1.054

Chabs Sky WB Skin as standard - v1.005 - Updates automatically via software updates
Slyk currently remains to avoid seeing the default skin when you restore settings. Newer versions of WooshBuild don't have Slyk installed as per Kiddac's request back in November to remove it and you will need to manually install it if you want it.

Chabs SkyQ skin
This is now installed as standard to take advantage of the Quick Skin Switcher in WB Config
This will now automatically update (when update is available) via standard Software Update method
Within the WooshBuild section on the plugins download screen is SkyQ picons - this will remove the large Q when changing channels. These, once installed will update automatically

Movie Organiser Plugin
This great plugin by Grog68 sorts your recordings like Sky does and updates via the plugin and software updates.

IPTV Player
Green button -> WB Config -> Highlight Enable system message alerts -> Press OK button
WooshBuild 5.xxx is available message and WB Config screen.
Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_6.png
If there is a new WooshBuild version available, when you start / restart or restart the gui of your box you will see a message in the top left of your screen informing you an update is available (image 1) (this is providing you have notifications enabled within WB Config)

1. From full screen TV, press the green button to open the plugins screen and select WB Config
2. You will then see WB Config. As you look down the list of options you will will a green dot, this is to tell you an update is available. (image 2)
3. Highlight "Upgrade to WooshBuild v5.xxx" and press the OK button.
4. Follow the onscreen prompts.

5. Once the latest version of WooshBuild has downloaded and flashed, return to WB Config and restore your settings (which were created automatically before flashing)

It is that simple and takes 5 minutes.

CCcam.cfg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx4bq2gsbwcc4z4/CCcam.cfg?dl=1
newcamd.list: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oasmsuqfyty62ew/newcamd.list?dl=1

Both the below would go in CCcam.cfg
C: servername.net port username password
N: servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
(The C: may have the numbers too - not an issue but not needed)

Below goes into newcamd.list
CWS = servername.net port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

If you have removed the mg_cam from the usr/keys folder during your sorting here it is to be put back in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsa196ppj6s2qfr/mg_cfg?dl=1

Missing Channels - Everyone has missing channels. WooshBuild TV will have alternatives if available and just needs your box restarting to update them.

You need to be running at least WooshBuild v5.003 and WB Config 1.039 for the WooshBuild TV bouquet to be available.

This thread is not the place to discuss missing channels
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from basebuild

i have re initilised the usb and managed to make a back up but it still wont record or pause
this is the timeshift settings timeshift location "/media/hdd/timshift/
when i move to right i get this message
the directory/media/hdd/timeshift/is not writable
Red button -> Plugins -> Mount Manger

Check that your drive is actually mounted as media/hdd and NOT /media/usb/usb2 or so on. If it is not /media/hdd, press the green button and then the left arrow a few times to select /media/hdd and then save settings.
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Forgive my ignorance but what's the difference between the H2S box and the new H5S?
The H5 2S is pretty much the same as the H2S except

The H5 lists that is has a Dual core CPU which replaces the dual thread CPU found in the H2S
The biggest change is the H.265 hardware decoder - High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) - provided by the new Broadcom BCM7362 chipset

What does this mean?
Basically should any live TV program be encoded in H.265, the H5 will decode it and show it.
If you have any file encoded in H.265 you will be able to play it.

In reality...... from the little I know
The UK has no channels showing which care encoded using H.265
There is no player on Enigma2 which can play H.265 encoded files.

I don't really understand much about it but I have my information from a source I trust and they are looking at trying to get a player written / edited for Enigma2. Please don't ask me about the progress as it is not my area.

Just had a thought..... will the box when recording, record using h.265 compression? If so it will greatly reduce space taken on the USB device. If I find time I will have a play.


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To remove the padlocks go to setup, usage & GUI, channel selection settings, then down on the second screen of settings listed- show crypto icons, change this to none.

Padlocks will now be turned off.


Series link record on my H2S running latest wooshbuild is a bit temperamental records some things on series link but not others, any ideas?
First check that the default settings for a new AutoTimer are conducive to getting a match in most circumstances. To find the defaults, take a deep breath and go to:

Menu -> Timers -> AutoTimers -> Menu -> 7. Edit new timer defaults

In that screen, make sure these are the settings:

Search type: partIal match
Search strictness: case-insensitve search
Only match during timespan: disable (this could record 2 shows - new and repeat - in one day, but that's better than none!)
Restrict to events on certain dates: disable
Set maximum duration: disable
Require description to be unique: no

Now delete your misbehaving AutoTimers and create them again from scratch (which you'd probably do from the EPG via "Record Series"). In Menu -> Timers -> AutoTimers, highlight one of your newly created AutoTimers and press OK. You'll then be able to check the settings look good (they should match the defaults above).

A big tip here - I actually find the OpenWebIf plugin the easiest way to manage AutoTimers because it's a lot quicker to edit all the options with a mouse rather than a zillion remote button clicks. What I do is set a static IP for my box (Menu -> Setup -> System -> Network -> Device Setup -> Adapter Settings. change "Use DHCP" to no and then Save (green button)). It'll then use the IP address displayed permanently...DHCP will move the IP around which you don't want when accessing via the Web.

Go to the IP address in your browser and bookmark the Web interface, so you can bring it up easily next time. OpenWebIf is pretty slick - use the AutoTimer link on the left to edit your AutoTimers. If repeats are shown the same day as a new programme, tick on "Only match during timespan" and give a wide berth for the start/end time range (e.g. if the new prog is on at 16:00, use 14:00 to 18:00). I like to do "Enable Filtering:" as well - click on the Add button, change the second pop-up menu to "on Weekday" and then pick the day (or weekend/weekday) from the third pop-up menu. Click on the Save button at the buttom when you've done your changes.

Note that the "Channels:" field in the AutoTimer Edit panel is buggy - it doesn't seem to show an existing channel setting for me :-( I tick it on and click on the text field to add a channel just in case.

It should be noted that the "New:" prefix on some show titles is an utter pain for AutoTimers because even a partial match setting won't find it if a future new episode of the show forgets to put the "New:" prefix on it (it definitely does happen!). The trick is to edit the Match title field and remove "New: " from it (remove the space after the colon as well as the New: string). Partial match will then match the programme with or without the New: prefix.

Oh, one final thing - make sure the box is set to poll regularly to decide if an AutoTimer setting should add a new Timer event to the Timer list. Go to Menu -> Timers -> AutoTimers -> Menu -> 6. Setup and check the settings match these:

Poll automatically: enable
Only poll while in standby: disable
Only add timer for x days: 0

I think the default might only be to poll when you do a "Save" (green button) on the Menu -> Timers -> AutoTimers screen. It can take a minute or two for that poll to complete I've found, so be patient and recheck the Menu -> Timers list for fresh AutoTimer (green icon) events after a few minutes.
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We have just done a major culling of the posts on this thread. If your post has been deleted it is nothing personal but the post was either covered in the FAQ's or answered elsewhere.
It may also be that the post was not deemed to be relative to the actual Build itself and deleted for that reason.
It takes me ages to sort through these posts and then WHEELO has to hit the delete button so please read everything available before you post.
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Have you tried setting your region to just wales instead of htv wales then rescanned?
Also have you run crossepg to download the EPG data?


Yes done that twice but no different. I just can't understand that the servers are green so I assume they are working but none of the channels work


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Yea that is a odd one
The box must have a net connection for the servers to be showing green so not sure what else to suggest


Yea that is a odd one
The box must have a net connection for the servers to be showing green so not sure what else to suggest
I've reflashed the box and it's doing exactly the same, only fta channels working, servers showing green in cccam info but no premium channels working.
I've copied all files In the usr/keys folder from one of my working h2s boxes and ftp to this box but still nothing. It's a brand new h2s so don't know if this could be a faulty box ??? I'm totally lost now


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Hi guys using wooshbuild v5.003 and been running very slow recently then tonight got this error log and now the box has lost everything and wouldn't reboot, so I've had to reflash with basebuild any ideas what's caused this?
None of that error is related to WooshBuild plugins but indicates that it couldn't read or write to something. If you say it was getting slow, I would try a different USB if you experience the same problem again. It is unlike the internal flash memory is at fault, but would need to rule out USBs first.


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Evening guys

Setup my parents zgemma today

All working apart from when they were watching BBC1hd news, it worked fine until it switched to regional saying no HD in your area and froze for 4minutes

My 72yr old dad was disappointed not to get the regional news..

Any help on getting this sorted would be great

Running Woosh V5
It didn't freeze, it was counting down until the HD returned. If he had looked through the epg on the second page, he would have found that channel 115 was the local regional news.

There is nothing to sort as everything is working. Just change to channel 115 if you have no local BBC HD regional stuff.


i know this has been answered before but advice provided didn't work, issue i have is crypto icons are displaying despite been turned off. can anyone help me pls wooshbuild 5.003 wbconfig 1.022



hi i dont know where to start a thread, but i have installed wooshbuild 5 on my zgemma s2 and i cannot put my cccam working could someone help please , i have tried putting the info cfg in etc and also var/keys but nothing works, cccamm 2.3 i am trying


i know this has been answered before but advice provided didn't work, issue i have is crypto icons are displaying despite been turned off. can anyone help me pls wooshbuild 5.003 wbconfig 1.022
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Think it was me who gave you the advice before but that was for the channel selection screen, the info bar will possibly need to be edited in xml and not a setting on the box..but that's maybe a skin issue rather than wooshbuild have a look in the skin section for whichever skin your using

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Hi woosh man

Thank you

Is there anyway of swapping the 101hd for 115 so when they select 101 it's the standard rather than HD??

Have I already answered the question?? Lol
go into wbconfig and change the update/swap channels to no save (green button) and then do a channel scan (yellow button) your done!

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Think it was me who gave you the advice before but that was for the channel selection screen, the info bar will possibly need to be edited in xml and not a setting on the box..but that's maybe a skin issue rather than wooshbuild have a look in the skin section for whichever skin your using

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Thanks for the info using kiddacs brilliant skin as is default in wooshbuild, will look into the xml thanks.

Just an update for anyone else, i've sorted this my editing the xml file in the skin folder and deleted the locked and unlocked icons, restarted gui and hey presto.

Cheers weepaul
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